Making a material modeled after a grasshopper’s foot that jumps 200 times its thickness!

Engineers from the University of Colorado Boulder modeled after grasshopper legsa new material have made that can be Elastic property which is releasing the energy stored in itself. Such materials can play an important role in the development of soft robots.

Researchers say that this elastic material can jump 200 times its thickness completely on its own without any external stimulation or intervention. The researchers have published their findings in the journal Science Advances.

A breakthrough in the development of soft robots with a new material

Timothy White, a professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, says there are patterns in nature that can be used to develop creative designs. This time the researchers from the grasshopper modeling and have developed an elastic material that can exhibit high jumping power. Timothy White also says that researchers are trying to develop synthetic materials by modeling natural materials.

Such materials offer opportunities to use polymeric materials in new ways for applications such as soft robotics, says Tyler Hebner, the study’s senior author, who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the university. In some cases, soft robots need to release a lot of force quickly, and the new material can do that very well. Of course, apparently, researchers have identified this substance randomly and without prior planning while conducting some experiments.

Research on different materials elastic It continues and researchers are trying to identify materials that can change shape with temperature changes. These solid and elastic materials can be used for development Laptop Or TV screen used. Small wafers of liquid crystal elastomers, the size of a lens, are placed on a hot plate and are ejected as they heat up. In the experiment, the substance was thrown out in just 6 milliseconds to a height of nearly 200 times its thickness.

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