Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C was introduced with 887 horsepower and acceleration of 3.3 seconds

Mansouri company unveiled a new project. This unique project is based on Mercedes AMG G63 It has been developed and is called “Kronos Coupe EVO C”. The famous tuner of the world has made many changes in this project, both in the technical part and in the appearance part. As a result, Kronos EVO C coupe has a high visual appeal and its engine is able to produce approx 900 horsepower has the power From this incredibly special project Only 8 devices will be produced.

As can be guessed from the name of the project, Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C has only two doors and no rear doors. Interestingly, the hinges are located on the B-pillar, and therefore the doors backward they open 24-inch rims are another attractive feature of Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C on the exterior. This SUV coupe rides on 295/30R24 tires.

Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C

Mansoori’s latest project from one Dedicated body kit benefits. This kit includes bumpers, hood and parts for fenders. At the same time, there are gaps in the body to better guide the air flow. Regarding this kit, it should be said that the Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C has many differences from the standard Mercedes AMG G63.

Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C

Like other coupe cars, in Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C, the rear seats must be accessed by bending the driver’s seat and the side passenger’s seat. Mansouri emphasizes for this A special mechanism There is and passengers will not face any difficulty at all.

Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C

Since the Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C is a very limited project, customers can customize it in any way possible. For example, the possibility of ordering Any desired color There are for the body and inside the cabin.

Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C

Technical specifications of Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C

Mansouri engineers have also made extensive changes under the hood. These changes include the use of Bigger turbochargersNew exhaust system, fuel system reinforcement and engine reprogramming. As a result, Mansory Kronos Coupe EVO C has a power equal to 887 horsepower and a torque equal to 1200 Nm. It is not bad to know that the AMG G63 engine has the ability to produce 576 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque in standard mode.

Relying on this extremely powerful engine, Kronos Coupe EVO C is able to drive alone 3.3 seconds reach a speed of 100 km per hour. There is no information about the price of this project, but considering the features and the production of only eight of it, A tag of several hundred thousand dollars It is not far from expected.

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