Mark Haley is leaving Molecule Media Studios

Mark Haley One of the founders of the Media Molecule game studio will leave this studio soon.

In recent weeks, the Media Molecule game studio has faced many changes. As you dear friends of Zumji are probably aware of it, the studio in question announced in recent days that it will end its support for the game Dreams, which was released in 2020, in September.

The purpose of this is to focus the members of Media Molecule on the construction and development of the new project. According to the published news, the new work of this studio will not be a sequel to Dreams. According to the latest news of the game world, the studio in question will experience significant changes in its management department in the coming days.

An image of the game Dreams

Mark Haley Known as one of the founders of the storied studio, he recently confirmed on Twitter that he is leaving Media Molecule. According to Haley, his purpose in doing this was to chart a new era The creative director of Dreams will continue to work in the video game industry. However, no further details are available.

This person founded the Media Molecule game studio in 2006, and before directing the game Dreams, he played an important role in the production of the first two versions of the Little Big Planet game series.

What do you think dear? In your opinion, what approach will the studio in question adopt towards its future projects by leaving one of its important people? Share your views on the latest gaming news with Zoomji and other users.

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