Maybe the Horizon multiplayer game will be released for mobile as well

The new job advertisement of Gorilla Games Studio shows that it is possible that the multiplayer game Horizon will also be released on the mobile platform.

Sony’s Gorilla Studios recently confirmed that it is developing a standalone multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe. It is not clear exactly how far we are from the introduction and release of this multiplayer game. Naturally, more details of this project are not going to be published before the unveiling. However, in a new job posting, Guerrilla Games has revealed some interesting details about the platforms Horizon’s multiplayer game will be targeting.

According to reports, Gorilla recently posted a job ad to hire another writer to work on the multiplayer game Horizon, which indicates that the studio may be planning to release its new game on mobile. The job posting explains that applicants must have at least one year of experience working on a mobile fiction game or at a AAA game studio.

Horizon Forbidden West game poster

The described conditions do not necessarily confirm the release of the Horizon multiplayer game on the mobile platform, but considering Sony’s plans to expand its activity in the field of mobile games and the nature of the new Horizon live service and co-op game, it is not surprising that Sony will also release this video game on mobile phones. Because, for example, the release of a multiplayer game on the PS5 console, computer and mobile can greatly increase its chances of finding a large community of gamers.

in the past Herman Halst, the head of PlayStation Studios had confirmed that the upcoming service-oriented games of PlayStation 5 will probably be released on computers simultaneously or with a slight delay. Therefore, the possibility of Horizon multiplayer game release on PC can be considered high. Gorilla recently confirmed that the new Horizon game will have a unique art style. Also, videos of the gameplay of the alpha version of this game were revealed, which showed that the artistic graphics of the game may be similar to Fortnite in some ways. Fortnite is available to players on PC, console and mobile.

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