Mazda’s new traffic light modeled after the human heartbeat was introduced

In addition to being equipped with the latest technologies, today’s cars are also at a very high level in terms of details. The competition that exists on this issue makes car manufacturers to be more creative to attract customers. Mazda’s new traffic light is the result of this competition. These lights Inspired by the human heartbeat They are designed and when activated, convey a positive feeling to the viewer.

Mazda’s new turn signal was introduced with the CX-30 crossover. The initial idea of ​​this lamp was formed in Atsushi Yoshida’s mind; The person who is in charge of the design department of Mazda products. Mr. Yoshida believes that although the use of LED technology in turn signals has many advantages, turning them on and off suddenly conveys a cold and digital feeling. He emphasizes that this is with the principle “Human-centered designs” which Mazda cares about is not coordinated.

Mazda's new indicator light

In this regard, Mr. Yoshida says that the turn signal should be the driver’s decision Effectively inform and be able to attract the attention of pedestrians and other drivers. He hopes that the feeling of the human heart, which is crystallized in the instant lighting and gradual turning off of Mazda’s new direction light, will reduce the driver’s anxiety and create a sense of peace and safety in the viewer.

In order for Mazda’s turn signals to function like a heartbeat, Mr. Yoshida and his colleagues carefully ECG And they checked its waves. Seeing the result, one must praise the efforts of the Mazda design team; Because the pulses of the new traffic lights of this company create the feeling of a heartbeat.

Mazda's new indicator light

Two years of effort to design Mazda’s new traffic lights

You might think that the process of designing and manufacturing Mazda’s new traffic light took a few days or even a few weeks, but Mr. Yoshida says that making a traffic light that is ready for mass production, two years It took a long time! Interestingly, according to Mr. Yoshida’s words, they have not been able to complete their project within the given deadline for the first time. According to the plans, these lights were supposed to enter mass production models with Mazda 3, but the irregular blackout prevented the Japanese from doing so.

Mazda's new indicator light

As the competition between automakers moves toward electric powertrains and self-driving technology, Atsushi Yoshida says he and his team members are focusing more on Appearance distinction Is. In fact, he wants Mazda products to attract the most attention in terms of design and body details.

It should be mentioned that in this project, Mazda with the company Stanley Electric (Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.) cooperates. This company is one of the main suppliers of the Japanese company.

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