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We all know people who have complete control over their emotions; They are calm in critical and stressful situations and make decisions sensitively.

We also know people who can understand other people’s feelings; They know what to say to make people feel better and know how to motivate them to take action very quickly. People like these examples have high emotional intelligence (or EI). They have strong relationships and handle difficult situations calmly and effectively. They also show more resilience in the face of adversity.

Emotional Intelligence

For decades, there has been a lot of emphasis on certain aspects of intelligence such as logical reasoning, mathematical skills, spatial skills, understanding analogies, verbal skills, etc. But, some people who had high IQ did poorly in life. In fact, it can be said that other people ignore aspects of success such as the way they think, behave and communicate.

One of the main missing pieces in the success equation is emotional intelligence, measuring it helps you understand your emotional intelligence and take steps to improve it.

Many IQ tests have been designed that specifically focus on emotional intelligence and suggest ways to improve it. To take these tests, you need to be honest and answer the questions based on what you actually do, feel, or think. Among the most valid emotional intelligence tests that are currently widely used, the following can be mentioned:

  • Baran intelligence test
  • Shot emotional intelligence test
  • Bradbury Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Goleman emotional intelligence test
  • Schering Emotional Intelligence Test

But since you are going to get the best result from the emotional intelligence test so that you can work on improvement according to it, we intend to introduce you to one of the most reliable emotional intelligence tests that has been reviewed many times by university professors and Its validity is reported to be 93% by calculating Cronbach’s alpha and 68% by retest method.

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Bar-on test

One of the European psychologists named Rivon Bar-An is one of the pioneers in the field of emotional intelligence who introduced this test. Being a clinical psychologist, he focused on the evaluation and analysis of emotions, which can be caused by positive psychological developments in that period.

Baran’s emotional intelligence test is one of the most complete and comprehensive tests in this field, which provides comprehensive and complete information on the level of recognition and management of people’s emotions by evaluating five scales and fifteen subscales. In addition to providing information about emotional intelligence in general, this test also provides information about strengths and weaknesses when dealing with emotions, as well as how to evaluate and improve them, which ultimately leads to the experience of higher quality relationships.

Advantages of load-on testing

The most important achievement that the Bar-an IQ test can have for you is knowing how you interact and face emotional situations. But its benefits do not end here and its other benefits include:

  • IQ test will help you experience better work and emotional relationships.
  • Manage everyday emotions better and achieve more personal and professional success as a result.
  • You will get educational resources and solutions to improve your emotional intelligence.
  • Measure five emotional dimensions that include intrapersonal intelligence, extrapersonal intelligence, adaptability, stress control, and general mood.
  • Baran’s intelligence test is used as a tool for various organizational and clinical evaluations, as well as for measuring communication abilities.
  • This test is used a lot in jobs where there is a lot of communication with the audience, such as secretaries and teaching.

EQ test on laptop

Where should we go to do the bar-an intelligence test?

Emotional intelligence is an acquired intelligence and therefore, if you take this test, you can learn the necessary skills to improve and strengthen it. Baran’s emotional intelligence test in Iran Talent is an updated and of course complete and standard version of this intelligence test in Iran.

You can take the IQ test on the Iran Talent job site and then put the result in your resume on Iran Talent so that employers and recruitment experts can see it and check the result.

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