MediaTek and Nvidia work together to make powerful chips

According to a new report, Nvidia and MediaTek have signed a contract to make chipsets for portable devices with GeForce graphics, and these chips will arrive next year. These chipsets seem to target Windows devices and ARM-based processors.

Currently, MediaTek is making chipsets for economic Chromebooks and has a 20% market share in this segment. Nevertheless, making a chipset with powerful Nvidia graphics can be considered the key to Mediatek’s entry into the market of powerful and expensive laptops.

Cooperation between MediaTek and Nvidia in the chip market

Currently, Nvidia has designs based on ARM architecture in its product portfolio. For example, the Nintendo Switch uses a Tegra chip; However, Tegra is considered an old chip now. The Nvidia Shield device also uses this architecture, but the Shield is also an old device.

Nvidia also makes ARM boards with GeForce graphics, which of course are mostly used for machine learning tasks. For example, the Jetson Orin NX board uses 1024 Ampere graphics cores and 32 Tensor cores, and also has a processor with 8 Cortex-A78AE cores.

Nvidia and MediaTek

These boards do not support Android or Chrome OS; Therefore, MediaTek cannot use them. Considering this issue, the result of Nvidia and MediaTek cooperation should lead to the development of a new graphic processor.

Currently, MediaTek chips use the ARM graphics processor, but if it goes to the Nvidia GeForce graphics processor, the graphics performance of its chipsets will be significantly improved. In addition, MediaTek, in cooperation with Nvidia, can bring the artificial intelligence capabilities of this giant of the graphics world to its chips.

Currently, we don’t know if the new MediaTek and Nvidia chip will be used only in Windows laptops or if we should wait for it to be used in flagship phones as well. We have to wait until more reports are published to know about this issue.

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