MediaTek’s flagship chips are likely to be equipped with Nvidia GPUs

According to industrial sources, Graphics processor Based on artificial intelligence Nvidia to flagship chips Mediatek It’s making its way to smartphones, which could benefit both companies and consumers.

In recent years, MediaTek has experienced significant progress and has significantly increased the power of its chips. However, it still cannot compete with Qualcomm and Apple in the graphics processor department. While the Dimension 9200 chip, as MediaTek’s newest flagship chip, has high processing power, it leaves the competition to Qualcomm in the GPU department.

MediaTek’s collaboration with Nvidia for smartphone chips could put the company in the same category as Qualcomm or even higher. Although MediaTek has denied this collaboration to date, given that the company’s Chromebook chips are paired with Nvidia GPUs, there is a possibility that Nvidia’s graphics processor will come to its smartphone chips.

The possible collaboration of Nvidia and MediaTek can bring the graphics power of phones to a new level

MediaTek chip

If the recent report is true and the Nvidia graphics processor makes its way to the MediaTek chips, users will be faced with higher power and will also experience new artificial intelligence capabilities. Nvidia could use the same AI technologies as tensor cores in GeForce RTX graphics in MediaTek chips. There is even a possibility that Nvidia will bring one of its graphics architectures for computers to smartphones.

In any case, if this cooperation is true, the graphics of smartphones will probably be transformed, and of course the performance based on artificial intelligence of Mediatek chips will also increase. However, the smartphone chip market has seen a failed partnership in this regard. Samsung, in cooperation with AMD, brought RDNA2 graphics to the Exynos chip, but it failed to perform well in the market. Therefore, we have to wait and see what the possible cooperation between MediaTek and Nvidia will be.

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