Mercedes-Benz and farewell to CLS and AMG GT four-door coupe; When beauty is not enough!

Mercedes-Benz Product portfolio simplification strategy follows itself, that’s why models that don’t have good sales, inevitably have to say goodbye to Mercedes production lines. So far, the S-Class Coupe, S-Class Cabriolet (opening roof) and SLC have been some of the models that have fallen victim to this strategy. Now it is reported that Mercedes-Benz plans to remove some other models from its product portfolio CLS is one of them. The strategy of styling the Mercedes-Benz product portfolio is supposed to include about 18 models out of the current 33 models.


As reported by “Car and Driver” magazine from inside sources of Mercedes-Benz, CLS is spending the last months of its life; Because this beautiful sedan will not be produced from next year. The strange thing is that apparently a similar fate awaits AMG GT four-door coupe and this attractive sedan will only be on the production lines until the middle of the current decade.


Risk of removal for Mercedes-Benz stations

There are rumors that the situation is not so favorable for station wagons either. Although Mercedes-Benz has not published an official report in this regard, some experts believe 2024 It will be the last year of production of the station version of the E-Class.


In addition, some reports indicate that all Mercedes-Benz station wagon models only The end of this decade They will be guests of production lines. If this is true, it should be said that the Station C-Class and CLA Shooting Brake are in their final years of life. Of course, there are speculations regarding the release of the new generation CLA Shooting Brake, and this car will probably be the last generation of the stylish representative of the Stuttgarters in the compact car market. The next generation GLC and CLE coupe will have a similar fate with this car.

Car and Driver magazine quotes the words of high-ranking managers of Mercedes-Benz that out of the current 33 rooms, only 14 rooms will be maintained. Also, this company plans to reduce the number of compact models from seven to four; With this account, we should wait for the removal of more models from Mercedes production lines.

CLS rear view

The good news for Mercedes Benz fans is that there are more models With the AMG badge are on their way The company also plans to expand the Maybach family, which is highly popular. According to the Car and Driver magazine, the people of Stuttgart are planning to revive the iconic 300 SL Galving model and launch a two-cabin pickup from the G class. The production of a powerful speedster based on SL is also seen in this report.

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