Mercedes-Benz E Class 2024 was introduced with a selfie camera and Tik Tok application

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new generation of E-class. This generation, which carries the W214 code, has gone through an evolutionary process and as expected from The latest technologies of the automotive world it benefits According to the plans, this generation as a 2024 model and with a base price of approx 60 thousand dollars It will go to the market.

Exterior design Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

Mercedes-Benz W214 is the sixth generation of this popular mid-size sedan. The first thing that attracts attention when dealing with this generation is its influence from the EQE electric model. This has made the new E class have A more fluid body be

In the front view Growing the dimensions of the grille and revising the shape of the lamp frame They are one of the most important changes compared to the previous generation. In addition to the frame, it should be said that Mercedes-Benz designers have revised the graphics of the LED daytime running lights. The front grille of this new sedan will vary based on the selected trim in two types, “advanced” and “classic”. The advanced type can be recognized with small stars, the classic type has horizontal lines like the previous models of the company.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

The taillights of the 2024 E-Class are larger than before, and when turned on, a three-pointed star they create Unlike most new models, these lights are not end-to-end, but a chrome piece connects them.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

In general, although the front and rear lights of the W214 are more modern than the previous generation, they are apparently not well received by social media users, as most of the feedback and comments about them negative Is.

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is equipped with sliding door handles, just like its bigger brother, the S-Class. These handles are standard in all trims, so it should be said that even the base model will have such handles. Stuttgart’s popular sedan with 18 to 21 inch rims will be produced.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

Dimensions of Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

The sixth generation E class, length equal to 4949 mm and its wheelbase is 2961 mm. Compared to the previous generation, the wheelbase of this generation has increased by 22 mm, which can mean an increase in interior space and improved cabin comfort.

It is the same in reality. Mercedes-Benz says that in the new generation of E-Class, the knee space has increased by 10 mm and the passenger leg space by 17 mm. In addition to this, the space of the elbows has also grown by 25 mm. Due to this significant growth, Mercedes-Benz has improved the comfort of the new E-Class cabin Larger luxury cars compares

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

interior design

Inside the cabin, the similarities of the Mercedes-Benz E Class 2024 to the S Class or the EQE and EQS electric models reach their peak. In standard mode, this luxury sedan uses two digital displays. But in case of customer order, The third screen It is added in front of the side passenger seat.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

Mercedes Benz new generation E class is a car Software based Describes the hardware. This is why the communication and coordination capabilities of this generation with video streaming services and social networks are at the highest level. It is not bad to know that this car is a selfie camera It is equipped and applications and games such as Tik Tok, Zoom, Webox and Angry Birds are installed in it! Also, the infotainment system of this generation of E class has the Vivaldi browser by default.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

You might think that the presence of selfie cameras or video streaming services can be dangerous for the driver. But Mercedes-Benz has thought about this and if the driver’s monitoring system detects that he has taken his eyes off the road for a long time, the video playback from the central display will stop. Only from the side passenger display Will continue to play!

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

To enhance the user experience, Mercedes-Benz has improved the voice command system and the driver can transmit many commands just by speaking. This generation from E class to Artificial intelligence It is also equipped and with its help it learns the daily routes of the driver.

Technical Specifications

Technically, Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2024 has a lot in common with the previous generation. Of course, we must point out that all models for the European market with Hybrid engine will enter the market; It should also be said that half of the engines of this car are plug-in hybrids. People who are looking for an all-electric version should go for the EQE.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024
One of the interesting features of Mercedes Benz E Class 2024 is digital lights. These lights can reflect certain signs in the opposite direction like a projector.

Powering the E200 trim, which is considered the basic gasoline model, one 201 horsepower engine Is. The E200d trim gets its power from a diesel engine with 194 horsepower. In the standard mode, these trims are rear differential, but it is possible to order the 4Matic system to transfer power to all four wheels for them. Zero to hundred of these trims 7.8 seconds And their maximum speed is 238 km/h. We should add that in these trims, an electric motor with an approximate power of 20 horsepower cooperates with the internal combustion engine.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

In plug-in hybrid models bearing the codes E300e, E300e 4Matic and E400e 4Matic, an electric motor with 2 liter four cylinder gasoline engine It provides the necessary power. This electric motor has 127 horsepower. There is no information about the battery capacity of these models, but Mercedes-Benz has announced that the new generation E-class hybrid can cover a distance of up to 100 kilometers in full electric mode.

Mercedes Benz E Class 2024

The fastest version at the moment with an acceleration of 5.3 seconds

If we want to go into the details of these models, we must say that the two trim E300e 4Matic and E300e plug-in hybrid engines have a power equal to 308 horsepower. In the E400e 4Matic trim, this figure is 376 horsepower arrives. This trim, which is considered the fastest current member of the E-class family, has an acceleration equal to 5.3 seconds has it. Naturally, with the introduction of AMG versions in the near future, this title will be taken back from the E400e 4Matic!

Front view

On the other side of the world and in the United States, the new generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be sold only in two trims, E350 and E450. Both of these trims have a mild hybrid drivetrain with a 20-horsepower electric motor. Under the hood of the E350 trim is the same 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, with the difference that its output is 255 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque has increased The E450 is powered by a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine. This engine is able to produce 375 horsepower and 500 Nm It has torque.

Rear lights

The list of Mercedes-Benz E Class 2024 options is rich in the technical department. In this list, the names of items such as Air suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and steerable rear wheels It is visible. Mercedes says that if this option is ordered, the turning radius of the E-Class will be similar to that of a small city car.


Price estimate

Mercedes-Benz has not said anything about the exact price of the new generation E-class, but it is expected that the cheapest version of this modern sedan can be purchased by paying something around 60 thousand dollars. It should be noted that BMW is preparing for the unveiling of the new generation of the 5 series. Therefore, the competitor of E class will soon enter the field with a new look and a new breath.

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