Meta is likely to launch the Twitter-rival social network in mid-July

Ever since Elon Musk took control of the Twitter social network, some users no longer want to be active on this platform. As a result, the need for an alternative social network is felt. It has long been rumored that Meta is working on a competitor to Twitter, and now a new report has revealed new details about the news.

Leah Haberman“, the digital media marketing expert says, the application that Meta has been developing to compete with Twitter is in the final stages of work and could be end of June ad (mid July) To be published. He claims that Meta has met with some select content creators to discuss the features of this new social network.

One of these content creators talked to Haberman and gave new information about this application, which is titledAn Instagram for your thoughts” addressed, presented. Therefore, the name Instagram has been given to this app, which has seen many similarities between this program and the photo-based social network Instagram.

What features will Twitter Meta possibly have?

The new meta platform that Decentralized It will apparently work with Instagram’s current parameters such as username and password. In other words, if you already have an Instagram account, you can probably log into this social network with the same account and take your followers with you. Username, bio information and even Confirmation tick If it exists, it will be transferred to this platform. Haberman says that the accounts or words you blocked on Instagram will also be transferred to this social network.

Since Meta’s new social network will be decentralized, it can integrate with platforms like Mastodon; That means you probably can with users of other platforms Interaction you have. This report says the limit of publishing textual content in each post of this platform 500 characters It will be less than Instagram posts, but more than regular Twitter account posts.

In this new service, it is possible to share links, images, etc Videos of up to five minutes you will also have In the image published by Haberman of the marketing slides of this social network, you can see that this platform is very similar to Twitter, Bluesky and similar examples, however, its overall design is similar to Instagram.

Meta previously confirmed in March in response to rumors that it was exploring the idea of ​​a decentralized social network for text sharing. But no other official information has been announced by this company yet.

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