Mice were able to move objects with the power of the mind in the virtual reality environment

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to teach mice how to move objects in a virtual reality (VR) environment using only their minds. The result of this experiment is to achieve a form of telekinesis in mice that can help us understand the functions of the brain and even be used in the implementation of this method in humans.

A group of researchers from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia, USA, in an experiment sought to see the electrical activity in hippocampus What is the brain of rats? In this experiment, they used virtual reality technology to allow mice to Move the ball Get used to the virtual environment.

If the mice were able to get the ball to a high column in the VR environment, they received water as a reward. During the training phase, the researchers put the mice on Rotary treadmill had put, but when the animals got used to the experiment, the treadmill from Eq Delete to be

Artificial intelligence made it possible to control virtual objects with the mind in mice

At this stage, the mice are divided into one Artificial intelligence system were attached that were trained to learn the link between the rats’ brain activity and the animal’s position in the virtual environment. At the end of the research, it was found that mice can Just by thinking Move the ball to where they want to move the ball in the virtual environment.

Researchers say artificial intelligence has successfully managed to Interface between brain and machine that the researchers had made, to use. This interface was designed to be able to determine the intended environment of the mouse to move objects in the VR space. This research showed that rats can not only imagine moving objects to distant environments, but also remember this task. These imaginations cause activities in the brains of mice that allow us to perform such experiments.

In previous experiments, it was found that human and mouse brain cells can be combined with each other. As a result, there is a possibility that these experiments can be easily performed for the human brain. The results of the present study have been published in preprint form on the bioRxiv website.

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