Microsoft and OpenAI want to drop the copyright lawsuit against Copilot

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI have asked a court to block a class-action lawsuit over the unauthorized use of user code in Copilot artificial intelligence tool ignore They believe the allegations in the complaint are false.

According to Reuters, GitHub, which belongs to Microsoft, and OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, in Two separate documents which was sent to the San Francisco Federal Court, rejected the charges against the Copilot tool and requested that the court not deal with this case.

GitHub says that the current complaint has two fundamental flaws; This company believes that their actions will not harm anyone damage and the plaintiff’s statements are not available A legal claim can be processed Is. OpenAI, on the other hand, says the complaint fails to properly identify a violation of their legal rights. These two companies claim that the plaintiffs of this case “Hypothetical eventshave relied on to file their complaint, but no mention of the harm this tool has caused to them has been provided.

What does the lawsuit against Copilot allege?

Copilot launched in 2021 and helps developers code with the help of OpenAI artificial intelligence technology. This tool is trained on publicly available codes. This issue caused a programmer named “Matthew Butterick” to file a class action lawsuit against this tool on behalf of two other anonymous programmers in cooperation with the legal team of Joseph Saveri.

The complaint states that the Copilot tool with a form of Software theft It was built on an unprecedented scale and continues to operate. However, Microsoft believes that they have not exploited open source code: “Copilot helps developers code by making suggestions based on what it has learned from the public code community.”

The case is scheduled to be reviewed in May 2023, when the court will decide whether to dismiss the lawsuit or continue the investigation process.

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