Microsoft CEO Deepfake Is AI’s Biggest Concern

“Brad Smith”, the head of Microsoft, spoke about the concerns related to artificial intelligence and from deepfake And Inaccurate content that seem real, he cited as his biggest concerns.

During a speech in Washington aimed at addressing how to best regulate artificial intelligence, Smith called for measures that would let people know when a photo or video is real and when it isn’t, according to Reuters. It is generated by artificial intelligence for potentially dangerous purposes.

The concerns of the head of Microsoft about artificial intelligence

President of Microsoft

He said during his speech:

“We need to seriously focus on deepfake issues. We must specifically address concerns about foreign cyber intrusion operations, activities currently underway by the governments of Russia and China. “We need to take steps to protect against legitimate content manipulation that aims to trick people through artificial intelligence.”

Smith also called for licenses for the most important forms of artificial intelligence with “obligations to protect security, physical security, cyber security, and national security.” He said:

“We will need a new generation of export controls, or at least an evolution of our current controls, to ensure that these models are not stolen or used in a way that violates the country’s export control regulations.”


Last week, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the startup that developed ChatGPT, expressed his concern about the use of artificial intelligence to compromise election results in his first appearance in Congress, calling it a “matter of significant concern.” which requires regulations. He also called for global cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and creation of incentives for their safety.

In this regard, the United States government, which unveiled plans to reduce the risks of artificial intelligence last month, announced its next strategies for the development of “responsible” artificial intelligence last week.

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