Microsoft invests several billion dollars in ChatGPT developer

Microsoft is once again investing in OpenAI. The tech giant announced in a statement that an investment Several billion dollars will work on OpenAI to expand the applications of the company’s technologies. Additionally, these technologies are going to play an important role in Azure services.

According to this agreement, Microsoft will increase its investments in the development and implementation of supercomputing systems to support OpenAI research. The important part of this contract says Microsoft OpenAI’s exclusive cloud partner will be and the company’s cloud services will host OpenAI products, research and APIs.

Microsoft also wants to use OpenAI models in its various commercial and consumer products. It was previously rumored that the company wants to implement ChatGPT capabilities in the Bing search engine to compete with Google. In addition, some of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence language technologies may even be implemented in software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

OpenAI services are coming to Microsoft’s Azure platform

The company hasn’t specified exactly how much it’s investing in OpenAI (a previous report suggested $10 billion), but it wants to expand these exclusive relationships in the future to add more capabilities to the service. Azure OpenAI to add Microsoft launched the service last week, which includes several AI models such as GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL-E.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said of the investment: “We have built our relationship with OpenAI around a shared ambition to responsibly advance AI research and increase access to AI as a New technology platform We shaped In the new chapter of this collaboration, developers and organizations in various industries will have access to the best infrastructure, models and AI toolset through Azure to build and run their applications.”

“Sam Altman”, the CEO of OpenAI, also says: “In the past three years, our cooperation has been wonderful. “Our values ​​are important to Microsoft, and we’re excited to continue our independent research and move toward building advanced AI tools that will benefit everyone.”

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