Microsoft is making it easier to change default apps in Windows 11

Microsoft has promised a big change in how Windows 11 opens files with certain apps. Also, the way of selecting programs to be pinned in the start menu or taskbar will change.

The new setting is closely related to the URI, allowing developers to send users directly to the right place in the settings to change the default program for opening files.

Microsoft is also starting to test a new API that will allow apps to be pinned to a primary or secondary tile in the taskbar. In a post, Microsoft described these changes as a principled approach to pinning default programs and apps in Windows.

These changes fix some problems related to Windows 11 and also change its settings. Also, the design of this section becomes similar to what users experience on Android and iOS devices.

Problems setting Windows 11 default program

When Windows 11 was released, choosing the default apps to run files was a complicated process and considered a step back from Windows 10. In fact, instead of choosing the Windows browser or the desired image editor, the user had to choose the programs for each file separately.

Windows 11 version 22H2

Redmond released an update that made changing the default browser a simple one-click, but being able to go from one app to the right section of the settings menu to change the default apps would certainly be easier.

In addition to changes to the default apps, the existence of a standardized menu for adding app tiles to Taskbar can lead to the creation of new widgets or other changes to the user interface so that users can more easily find the apps they want.

Admittedly, encouraging developers to use the new Windows feature is a difficult task, but Microsoft has said that it is ready to include support for these features in the new Edge browser menus.

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