Microsoft unveiled the artificial intelligence tool Business Chat

One of the new Copilot AI features for Microsoft 365 apps and services is called Business Chat. The tool is effectively a chatbot that can summarize information from meeting transcripts, recent customer calls, calendar entries, and more that can be used in emails to your team or as slides for presentations.

According to Microsoft, using this feature of the Copilot tool, it is possible to generate relevant and accurate answers to queries generated by natural language, such as “Did you spend yesterday with [مشتری X] something happened?”. This bot can be accessed through, Bing (if signed in with a business account), or through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft suggests that the tool can be asked to brainstorm a strategy’s flaws and even countermeasures. Some of the suggested commands that can be suggested to this tool are listed below:

  • Summarize chats, emails and documents related to a customer
  • Identifying the next milestone in a project and identifying possible risks
  • Create a summary of new plans

Copilot’s new AI features are currently being tested on a limited basis with 20 Microsoft customers, and pricing details have yet to be announced. However, Microsoft plans to make these capabilities available to more customers in the coming months, as well as share more new controls for IT managers to more confidently plan and enable Copilot across their organizations.

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