Microsoft works on proprietary ARM chips

Apple caused a big shock to the market by migrating from Intel processors to proprietary M series chips based on ARM architecture. Now a new report says that Microsoft has also started working and is developing dedicated ARM chips and optimizing them for Windows 12.

According to a report published by the Windows Latest website, Microsoft is working on proprietary chips. This report mentions the employment list of Redmondi, in which jobs such as chip architect, design engineer, and senior physical engineer are visible. Based on this list, Microsoft is looking to design new chips in which performance and energy efficiency are of high importance.

Microsoft’s exclusive ARM chips for Windows 12?

The Microsoft recruitment list is published under “Microsoft Silicon Team”. According to the list, recruits must be leaders in computing and able to work with diverse groups to deliver high-performance and innovative silicon chips. A recent report says Redmondi wants to compete more seriously with Apple’s proprietary chips by hiring new people.

Apple’s M series chips are not only energy efficient and powerful, but are also well optimized for the MacOS operating system. The result of all these things is the extraordinary performance and charging of Apple MacBooks. Currently, Apple is working on the M3 family of chips, which are produced with TSMC’s 3nm lithography.

According to Apple’s successful experience, a recent report says that Microsoft wants to optimize its own ARM chips for the next generation of Windows, Windows 12. Windows 12, which is likely to arrive next year, could have different uses for Microsoft’s chips; Especially since Redmonds have a lot of focus on artificial intelligence and tools based on it.

We don’t know exactly when Microsoft’s ARM-based chips will arrive, but if they’re optimized for Windows 12, we’ll probably see them sometime next year. So maybe next year’s Surface devices can have a more serious competition with Apple’s MacBooks in terms of performance and battery charging.

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