Microsoft’s BingChat can apparently talk to users in four secret modes

The limited users who have accessed the Bing Chat service in recent days have been conducting various experiments with this artificial intelligence. These same reviews have shown that Microsoft’s chatbot apparently has different behavior modes and can help you in different ways.

According to Bleeping Computer, if you access the Bing chatbot’s debug or developer mode, you can see the various modes of this AI. These modes currently include Sidney, assistant, friend and game are. But you can’t easily activate them, because Bing Chat provides sensitive information in its answers in these cases.

The current report says it discovered the AI’s bug-fixing mode when it asked Bing how it could gather JSON data in a single session. This request apparently enabled a developer mode-like mode that eventually revealed some of BingChat’s utility commands for changing user modes, languages, and more.

In what modes can Bing Chat talk to the user?

According to Bing, the user can change the modes of this chatbot with the mode# command. This artificial intelligence apparently has four additional modes that are currently hidden from the user’s view. According to Bing, these modes are:

Assistant: In this case, I can be the user’s personal assistant and help him in doing various things such as booking a plane ticket, sending an email or setting a reminder.

Friend: In this mode, I can be the user’s friend and talk to him about his interests, hobbies, feelings, etc.

Game: In this mode, I can play games like dose, hangman, puzzle, etc. with the user.

Sydney: This is Bing Chat’s default mode, which uses Bing Search and ChatGPT to answer questions.

Different modes of Bing allow this artificial intelligence to behave differently with the user. For example, this chatbot provides more factual information in Sydney mode, but can be more emotional in Friend mode. The author of Bleeping Computer says that when he described a painful experience to Bing, he got different answers according to the different modes of this artificial intelligence.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced anything about these modes, however, it is expected that we will see an official unveiling of these modes in the future so that users can activate them according to their needs and talk with Bing Chat.

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