Microsoft’s business tools were equipped with OpenAI artificial intelligence

Microsoft is advancing its projects by focusing on the use of artificial intelligence technology capabilities. The company has now announced that its set of enterprise products, including development tools Power Platform and Dynamics 365 equipped with the large GPT language model so that companies are less forced to perform repetitive tasks.

In a news release, Microsoft has revealed the new fruits of cooperation with OpenAI. The company says Power Platform tools used to produce applications with minimal coding, with the help of Power Virtual Agent They can allow businesses to deploy an AI bot on their website or knowledge base and use its capabilities.

Plus, now the tool AI Builder It can use Zaya’s artificial intelligence capabilities to generate text. This feature is likely to be useful for summarizing reports, generating content ideas, and directing customer emails to relevant departments.

Microsoft makes business processes easier

Microsoft has also released a new version of its Dynamics 365 business management platform that uses artificial intelligence technology. This platform can now do some things Repetitious And boring Like manually entering information, creating content and taking notes automatically.

Microsoft says Dynamics 365 Copilot In particular, it can answer content questions in chat and email, create email summaries from meetings held in Teams software in Outlook, and create interactive chats based on existing information and data records.

On the sales front, Dynamics 365 Copilot integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help businesses manage sales and customer support processes.

Due to the fact that artificial intelligences can generate wrong information, customers may not want to use this technology. But “Charles Lamana”, Microsoft’s vice president of business apps and platforms, says that the company assures its customers that these capabilities will operate on the basis of reality with the help of data they receive from the company’s information sources.

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