Mira Moratti; One of the most interesting people in the world of artificial intelligence

We all Open AI With ChatGPT and Dall-E We know; But probably the main star of this company,Mira Moratti“, is its chief technology officer. In this article, we want to introduce you to 6 fascinating facts about Moratti.

Born in Albania, Moratti is a former Tesla employee who was responsible for the development of Tesla’s Model X car. He has joined OpenAI since 2018 and has focused on strengthening the company’s products with his team members. If these products are successful, OpenAI will receive billions of dollars, and the company’s products can become the loudest products in Silicon Valley since the iPhone.

Facts about Meera Moratti

In this article, we are going to learn more about Moratti.

Mira Moratti

He has a long history of influencing how people interact with new technologies

The history of Moratti’s interest in artificial intelligence goes back to 2013 when he started working at Tesla. At the time, Tesla was releasing early versions of Autopilot, its AI-powered driver assistance software, as well as working on AI-powered robots for use in its factories. These activities led Moratti to look for other real-world applications of artificial intelligence.

In 2016, Moratti joined Leap Motion, an American software company, to work on an augmented reality system to replace keyboards. As the vice president of the production and engineering department, he hoped that humans would be able to intuitively interact with the computer in the form of playing with a ball; But he immediately realized that technologies based on augmented reality are not yet available to the general public and are far from achieving such a state.

For this reason, he took the next step and concluded that technology must be effective in providing solutions to solve challenges in order to achieve massive progress. Such thinking led him to OpenAI in 2018, overseeing the creation of ChatGPT and Dall-E projects.

He is one of the first supporters of public testing of products

Although Google conducts most of its AI research secretly in the lab, and the capabilities of Ernie, Baidu’s AI chatbot, are still largely unknown to users outside of China, OpenAI products are widely available. They are the general public.

Moratti likes to test the company’s products in public and has this to say about the matter:

“Products can be tested secretly without the presence of their end users; But the question is, are we guided in the right direction in such a situation?

He believes that the creation of artificial general intelligence in the limited space of the laboratory can lead to a social shock and may even become more destructive after its release. Education OpenAI language models Through reinforcement learning with the benefit of human feedback and finding a way to engage the public to talk to AI to solve any challenges related to how AI works, it is more effective than other methods.

He advocates legislation for artificial intelligence

The increasing speed of AI use and discussion about it has given rise to fear about the capabilities of this technology; Apocalyptic artificial intelligence systems have raised concerns; But the main concern is that evil people with malicious goals will get hold of artificial intelligence to spread false information or perform harmful actions on a certain group of people.

Moratti did not mention specific cases, but he clearly said that the field of artificial intelligence needs legislation, and in an interview with the Daily Show television program, he said:

“We have some philosophers and ethicists in OpenAI; But I think there are really big social questions that shouldn’t just be made by technologists.”

In an interview with Time magazine, he emphasized this issue again and said:

“At this particular moment we feel in control of how technology shapes society and its consequences, and both technology shapes us and we shape technology. In addition, there are many questions about social impact, as well as many ethical and philosophical questions that we must consider. In order to answer these questions, different people such as philosophers, social scientists, artists and humanities experts should participate.

He is focused on how humans interact with artificial intelligence

Despite Moratti’s confidence in OpenAI’s capabilities, it seems he doesn’t want CEO Sam Altman’s interest in exploring the sensitive technology’s capabilities. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to follow Although Altman has a knack for making headlines for sci-fi horror stories about malicious uses of AI, Moratti wants to focus more on how the general public interacts with AI.

He would like to revisit the Turing test to determine whether a computer thinks like a human. turing test is a method of inquiry and investigation in the field of artificial intelligence, which is used to determine the mentioned subject. He has decided to include a wide range of cognitive tasks in the turing test; But in general, it wants real, live humans to train OpenAI systems.

He hopes the next generation of GPT will cause less trouble

ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after its launch. According to the information provided by the similar web analytics company (Similarweb), this Artificial intelligence chatbot It has had the fastest growth among consumer applications in history (for example, the number of TikTok users in 9 months and the number of Instagram users in 2.5 years).


Before the official release of GPT 4, OpenAI’s next-generation AI chatbot, Moratti knew the AI ​​tool would be under more scrutiny. According to him, less excitement is better.


Moratti saw GPT 4 as an opportunity to expand opportunities for the general public. For example, he wanted to show professors that generative AI is much more than just a tool for students to cheat on essays and prove that this AI tool can also be used to write curricula and help teach students in new ways. He said the following about this issue:

“With ChatGPT, you can interact with artificial intelligence without boundaries and use it to teach complex topics based on the desired method. This tool can become a private tutor.”

He is interested in various cultural sources

The subject of one of Moratti’s favorite films is a destructive artificial intelligence that kills everyone. He said that the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey still stimulates his imagination with its music and imaginative space; Especially the breathtaking sequence of the landing of the space shuttle with the music of Strauss’ Blue Danube.

Radiohead’s song Paranoid Android and Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry collection Doino’s Requiems are other elements of electronic culture that inspire Moratti. He has said of Paranoid Android that it’s not the most uplifting piece of music I’ve ever heard; But it is beautiful and thought-provoking.

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