mobile phone not charging; Why is the phone not charging properly? 7 main causes and their solutions

Mobile phone not charging, is one of the basic problems that smartphone owners may face. This problem can be from the charger, the device itself or even the programs installed on it. In the following article, we will discuss the most important causes of the mentioned phenomenon and how to solve them.

What are the most important reasons for mobile phone not charging?

Failure to charge the phone or tablet can have various reasons, some of which will need to be addressed by a specialist. However, before going to the repair shop, it is better to check the main reasons for the mobile phone not charging in order to avoid incurring additional costs.

1. Using the wrong charger

Nowadays, many smartphone manufacturers have removed the charger from the box of some of their products. This issue has caused users to get confused in finding the right charger and sometimes use a charger that is not compatible with their phone or tablet.

Mobile phone not charging

Although most of the time, the use of such chargers only increases the time of recharging the battery; But in some cases, it may prevent the charging of the device altogether. Also, using the wrong charger will lead to the possibility of damage to the battery and reducing its useful life in the long run.

2. Clogging of the charging port of the phone

Accumulation of dust in the charging port is another reason that can cause the mobile phone to not charge. This issue usually occurs because the phone is placed in a pocket or bag over time and small foreign objects prevent the correct connection of the charger wire.

Mobile phone not charging

Using a magnifying glass and flashlight, you can check inside the charging port of your device. To remove objects or clean dust, you can use a toothpick, small brushes or a blower. It is recommended to avoid inserting sharp metal objects into the charging port; Because it can cause problems for connections.

3. Defective cable or charger

Damage to the charging cable is one of the common reasons for the mobile phone not charging, which usually occurs suddenly. Sometimes, the damage to the charging wire is obvious; But in some cases, the cable may seem completely healthy. Trying a different cable with the same charger is usually the easiest way to diagnose said problem.

Mobile phone not charging

If your device supports wireless charging, it is better to try it with a wireless charger to make sure that the phone itself is not defective. If you are sure of the health of the cable, it is better to go to other adapters or check the USB port of the current adapter.

4. Mobile phone not charging due to water entering it

Although many of today’s phones are waterproof; But exposure to water can prevent the battery from recharging. In such a case, usually a small amount of water remains in the charging port, and the device stops the charging process by automatically detecting moisture for safety reasons. Phones with humidity sensors display a warning message at specified times. By using gentle warm wind or blowing on the USB port, you can solve this problem to some extent.

5. Serious damage to the battery

Sometimes the battery is not able to be recharged and that is why we are faced with not charging the mobile phone. This problem can occur due to the battery being old or damaged. Most of the time, battery damage occurs over time, and before it shuts down permanently, you should have seen symptoms such as reduced charging capacity or overheating.

Mobile phone not charging

Blowing or leaking battery is another measure of battery damage that can be very dangerous. It is recommended to avoid tampering with the phone in such a situation and take it to a repair center. With the help of battery management apps, you can control the health of your device’s battery. To see popular titles in this field, refer to the article “Toolbox: Introducing the best apps for monitoring and testing the battery performance of Android devices”.

6. Phone software problem

In few cases, it is possible that software problems caused the mobile phone to not charge. This situation is more likely if you have installed a new ROM or recently updated the device. Sometimes system bugs can also prevent the battery from recharging, which is usually fixed by a reset. For more information, you can refer to the article “Factory reset training of different mobile phone brands”.

Mobile phone not charging

7. Program performance interference

Some heavy apps can cause heavy battery consumption while charging. In such a situation, in addition to increasing the temperature of the device, which can damage the battery, you will also encounter the mobile phone not charging or slowing down. To fix the problem, you can limit the intensive apps running in the background or close the unused apps.

Frequently asked questions about mobile not charging

What are the most important causes of mobile phone not charging?

Damage to the battery, cable, or charger, along with a clogged USB port, are among the most important reasons for not charging a mobile phone.

Can the mobile phone not charging have a software cause?

Yes; In rare cases, system bugs or installing new updates can prevent the battery from recharging.

Can getting the mobile phone wet cause it not to charge?

Yes; If there is water left in the USB port, it can cause the moisture sensor to activate and prevent the battery from being charged.

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