More details on Halo Infinite’s winter update have been released

Studio 343 Industries has released new details about Halo Infinite’s winter update.

In the latest game news, Studio 343 Industries has shared new details of Halo Infinite’s winter update with fans. Part of this upcoming update, which is scheduled to be released on November 8 this year, will make several changes to the game’s weapon list to see more balance in this section. The developer studio has provided explanations about some of these changes; For example, the support team tends to make the Plasma Pistol work better against Spartans, or the BR75 becomes an all-purpose weapon.

In the winter update of Halo Infinite, the properties of several weapons such as Plasma Pistol, Pulse Carbine, VK78 Commando, BR75 and Disruptor will be changed in order to see more balanced fights. There are also other improvements, such as fixing physical bugs that cause abuse by players, in the Studio 343 Industries program. One of these bugs, called Snap Slide, allows players to move faster in the environment or easily cross high obstacles after running and jumping on points of the environment such as stairs.

Along with these details, 343 Industries has also released details of future updates that will focus on improving various aspects of the game, such as mouse and keyboard controls, network quality, and gameplay balance. One of the bigger features that will likely be available in future updates will be the addition of a “walk” key for players using a mouse and keyboard. This issue has caused the players who use the controller to have a greater advantage in the competition; Because they can avoid being detected by radars by walking slowly. The only option currently available to mouse and keyboard users is sitting motion, which has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to slow walking.

Fighters of the second season of Halo Infinite

Also, Halo Infinite game grid will be upgraded in a future update. The support team has identified several fixes for out-of-sync issues reported by players, including out-of-sync connection between player and server, getting shot from outside when standing next to or around walls, getting hit by unseen players, and more. Another pointed out. Studio 343 Industries is currently working on fixing all these reported issues and will likely fix them in future updates.

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