Motorola unveiled a mobile prototype with a rollable display + video

Concept examples of rollable phones have been around the market for several years. Now it’s Motorola’s turn to unveil its rolling mobile prototype on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2023. This device has a screen that is part of the screen in normal mode, but when the body is stretched vertically, this screen is added to the main screen.

Motorola, which is now a part of the subsidiary of Lenovo, on the eve of MWC 2023, has shown a prototype of a Razer brand mobile phone with a rollable display. The main difference between this phone and other rolling phones is to change the screen size. Most similar products zoomed in or out horizontally, but this phone does it vertically.

As a result, in normal mode you have a 5-inch phone with a POLED panel with an aspect ratio of 15:9, but when the screen is stretched, you’re dealing with a 6.5-inch display with an aspect ratio of 22:9. Therefore, Motorola’s mobile phone in the open state has a feeling much closer to today’s phones.

Motorola phone that can increase the vertical size of its screen

To change the display mode, just tap twice on the power button on the side of the device. By doing this, the phone will automatically unfold to the appropriate size. To shrink the device again, just double-tap the power button again, and the device will automatically return to its original state.

Currently, it seems that the only weak point of this device is its thickness and weight of 210 grams. However, the creativity of the designers in the production of this phone allows you to access a secondary screen from the back of the body in closed mode, which you can use for various tasks, including accessing the camera viewfinder while taking pictures.

At the moment, it is not clear whether this phone is going to be launched or not.

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