Mozilla is developing a non-WebKit browser for iOS

After Google, now Mozilla also announced that it is developing a iOS browser instead of Apple’s WebKit browser engine, from a proprietary engine Gecko This company uses

In the App Store review guidelines, Apple explains that web browsers and web-browsing-enabled apps must use “the appropriate Webkit framework and WebKit Javascript.” However, browser developers such as Google and Mozilla appear to be considering alternatives to Apple’s approved browser engine on iOS.

Mozilla’s non-webkit browser for iOS

According to a new report from The Register, Mozilla is working on an iOS browser that doesn’t use Webkit. Last week, it was also said that Google is working on a new experimental browser for iOS that removes the limitations of Apple’s browser engine and uses Google’s Bling engine instead of WebKit.

Although Apple currently forces third-party browsers to use its Webkit engine, this rule may change in the future; Especially considering the European Union’s digital markets law, which will be applicable from May 2, 2023 (May 12, 1402). The law requires companies like Apple to provide alternative methods for installing and running third-party app stores as well as payment systems.

Apple is currently gearing up to support third-party app stores on its platform in 2024, but some changes may appear in 2023 with the release of iOS 17.

However, if third-party browsers such as Mozilla Firefox are licensed to use their proprietary engines on Apple’s mobile operating systems, it could make the space more competitive for Apple to try to attract more developers by providing more features to improve WebKit. Maintain the WebKit ecosystem.

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