Mufasa’s Hyundai will be introduced soon; The new Korean SUV on the way to the market

Probably, when you hear the word Mufasa, you will think of the animated film “The Lion King” from Disney and the character with the same name. But this name is the newest product of Hyundai company, which will be unveiled in China soon. This car in The class of compact SUVs It is placed and has an attractive design. According to the preliminary information, this car with 2 liter 158 horsepower engine will enter the Chinese market.

A product from Hyundai or Kia?

The strange thing is that Mufasa is more similar to Kia products than Hyundai products! At the first look at this car, the special shape of the front grill and its main lights attract attention. More precisely, the X-shaped design of the front view. Reminiscent of Kia Sportage Is. Such a feeling is also created in the rear view; Because the lights in this section are oval and somewhat reminiscent of the Kia EV6.

Mufasa's Hyundai
Rear view of Mufasa’s Hyundai
Kia EV6 rear view

However, in the side view, the Hyundai identity is clearer. Busy and sharp body lines and the arch of the fenders are design elements that are more visible in Hyundai cars and models like the Tucson. Although there are no pictures of the interior of Mufasa’s Hyundai, the car is expected to seat up to 5 people.

According to the information available in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the body length of Hyundai Mufasa 4475 mm And its width is 1850 mm. The height of this new SUV also reaches 1686 mm. With such dimensions, it should be said that Hyundai Mufasa has similar dimensions to Kia Sportage or Tucson.

Technical specifications of Hyundai Mufasa

Mufasa from 2.0 liter engine with 158 horsepower benefits. The weight of this SUV, or rather crossover, is 4210 pounds or 1910 kg. With this spec, Mufasa can reach a top speed of 116 mph or 187 km reach in hours

Mufasa's Hyundai

Currently, it is not clear whether this Korean SUV will be offered in a hybrid or electric version. Considering the choice of Mufasa’s name, which definitely causes the sensitivity of Disney’s lawyers, it is highly probable that this car Only in the Chinese market will be supplied. According to plans, Hyundai Mufasa will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. This exhibition will be held in March.

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