MVM X22 Pro gear with a non-turbo engine on the way to the market

One of the new and best-selling products of car managers is MVM X22 Pro, which entered the Iranian market in 1400. This car is actually the second generation MVMX 22, which has been released to the market with a different design and new technical specifications. Now, some time after the release of the automatic version, the car managers have decided to release the gear MVM X22 Pro as well. This car is also present in the second plan of integrated car supply.

Appearance design, unchanged

Compared to the automatic version, the appearance of the Geared MVM X22 Pro has remained unchanged. The front design of this car is very similar to Hyundai Kona. But in the side and rear design section, we still see the familiar design of the first generation X22.

Fortunately, on the inside, the changes to the MVM X22 Pro are impressive. The cabin of this car has been completely transformed and is similar to MVM X55 Pro or Arizo 6. Dicut steering wheel is a new and pleasant addition to the cabin of this car; However, we will see more features in the hatchback cross of car managers.

Technical capabilities of MVM X22 Pro gear, the main difference

The automatic version of MVM X22 Pro uses the combination of a one-liter three-cylinder turbocharger engine with a CVT automatic transmission. However, we will see different technical specifications in the gear version. Under the hood of the geared version is the same 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine that was present in the first generation MVMX 22. This engine is also used in MVM 315 and 5-speed Chery Arezzo.

Fortunately, this engine in MVM X22 Pro has an improved gear and higher efficiency. The maximum output of the 1.5-liter engine in the pro gear version is 116 horsepower and 143 Nm of torque. In terms of efficiency, these figures are very similar to the output efficiency of the one-liter turbocharger engine of the automatic version; Therefore, the MVM X22 Pro gear provides the owner with the same efficiency with less complexity and of course a lower price.

A five-speed manual transmission is responsible for transmitting power to the front wheels. As we expect, this car is single-wheel drive and does not have off-road capabilities. The combined fuel consumption of this car has not been announced yet, but we expect its fuel consumption record to be the same as the regular X22. The tank of this car still has a capacity of 50 liters.

Improvement of features and options

The price of Gear MVM X22 Pro is about 10% higher than its first generation. The more you pay, the more comfort and safety you will get. The most significant safety option added to the gear version of the MVM X22 Pro is downhill speed control, which maintains the speed of this car when crossing dangerous slopes.

Significant improvements are observed in the field of welfare equipment. The steering wheel of this car has been changed to an electric type and the display of the audio system is also bigger. MVM X22 Pro gear ventilation system is also electric and has an air filter, which is necessary in the big and polluted cities of Iran. The heated front seats is another attractive option that we will see in the gear version of the MVM X22 Pro.

MVM X22 Pro gear

MVM X22 Pro gear is considered a well-equipped car in terms of safety. This compact crossover is equipped with two airbags, stability control system and hill hold control. Disc brakes on four wheels along with anti-lock brake system and brake force distribution are also responsible for stopping this car.

What are the competitors of the MVM X22 Pro gear?

The MVM X22 Pro does not have many competitors in two gear and automatic versions. The conditions of the Iranian market have changed compared to the 1390s, and many hatchback crosses are not present in the market. Therefore, the most serious competitor of MVM X22 Pro gear in the Iranian market will be Peugeot 207 gear. Saipa Atlas can also be mentioned as another competitor of the car managers product.

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