NASA helicopter released an incredible image of Mars with blue sky! + Photo

helicopter genius (Ingenuity) NASA on its 50th flyby, a stunning photo of the dusty planet Mars took that Blue Sky It shows. Also in this picture, the rover Endurance (Perseverance) NASA is also present, which is exploring the surface of the red planet in the distance.

As PetaPixel points out in its report, the new image of Genius is interesting in that it feels less alien than previous images. In fact, the red planet in this picture is more similar to the very dry areas of the earth. For comparison, you can see the image released by the Mars rover Endurance in February of last year, where the clouds of the Red Planet have created a scary sight.

Endurance Mars rover

Report of the new genius mission to Mars

According to NASA’s detailed report on Ingenuity’s recent activities, this helicopter covered a distance of 188 meters in 136.9 seconds during its 51st flight on Saturday, May 2. Ingenuity also managed to climb to a height of 12 meters during this flight, which is six meters less than its record.

So far, NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter and NASA’s Endurance Mars Rover have taken turns taking pictures of each other while discovering new evidence and information from Mars. Last week, NASA took the following photo from Ingenuity on Twitter Posted by Perseverance.

Genius helicopter

In this picture, some dust can be seen on the blades of genius. NASA’s helicopter has done a great job so far and has exceeded expectations.

Ingenuity and perseverance as a team during NASA’s Mars 2020 mission have spent nearly 800 days on Mars and extensively explored the planet’s surface. With this mission, scientists are trying to gather more information about the history of Mars, the possibility of ancient life, as well as its biological characteristics.

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