NASA Image of the Day: Eclipse of Jupiter by the Moon

Sometimes we see the moon passing directly in front of one of the planets of the solar system. This phenomenon is called “Hidden”.

What do we see in today’s NASA image?

Earlier this month Jupiter was eclipsed by the moon. In this image, you can see the moment when Jupiter reappeared from behind the surface of the moon. The moon was in its second square – two days before the equinox or dark moon. Currently, the crescent moon is on its way to the first quarter and brightening, but when it is in its second quarter, a part of the crescent can be seen from the earth.

Today’s image shows the moon behind the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton in California. At the same time as this phenomenon, the Lake Observatory made it possible to study “Amalthea”. Amalthea is the last moon of Jupiter to be visually identified after the Galileo observations.

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