NASA is working on the Roman Space Telescope; Up to 1000 times faster than Hubble!

The James Webb Space Telescope has made great strides since launching in 2021. However, NASA has another space telescope under development that could answer more astronomical questions. This telescope is named “Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope” and is located in 2027 thrown and will have a much faster shooting speed than James Webb.

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, also known as the Roman Space Telescope, will observe large areas of space to help cosmologists understand the scale of the universe. Researchers know that in order to understand the world, in addition to examining the details, they must also look at large scales.

How is the Roman space telescope different from previous telescopes?

Telescopes like Hubble and James Webb have extraordinary sensitivity and can see very distant objects. But the Roman telescope is different and wants to have a more general view of the sky. The image below shows the difference between the telescopes and you can see that where Hubble only observes a small part of space, Roman can image A wider expanse of the universe to register

Aaron Young of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said: “The James Webb and Hubble Space Telescopes are optimized for deep, close-up studies of astronomical objects, so using them is like looking through the eye of a needle into the sky. To solve cosmic mysteries on the grandest scale, we need telescopes that can provide a much larger view. This is exactly what Roman was designed for.”

The Roman Space Telescope will be used to conduct studies such as estimating the number of exoplanets in the entire galaxy. One of the main advantages of this telescope, besides its wide field of view, is the ability to shoot at a very high speed. NASA says Roman can Up to 1000 times faster than Hubble take pictures

The Roman telescope will take about 100,000 pictures a year. If it were to be done by Hubble and James Webb, it would take more time than our entire lifetime.

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