NASA published a strange and different image of the surface of Mars + photo

The landscapes of Mars are different in beauty compared to Earth. The Red Planet may not have stunning oceans and vast green spaces, but its surface is incredibly diverse, and sometimes some amazing images are released. Now the latest image by orbiter Identification of Mars It has been published showing its “strange glacial surface”.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) HiRise camera is managed by a team at the University of Arizona. MRO captured this image in November 2022 and it is now on display.

The HiRise team refers to this image as a round landform surrounded by several polygonal craters. If you’re not familiar with the image, at first glance you might think you’re looking at a drying mud bed or a zoomed-in top-down view of a puffy mushroom.

A different picture of the surface of Mars

These unusual structures are located in the middle latitudes of Mars. The HiRise team wrote:

“This latitude is where considerable ice has formed and may still exist. “Also, sometimes the temperature in the recent past in this region has been high enough to melt the ice.”

The interesting and fun shapes seen in this image on the surface of Mars were formed during some natural processes. The HiRise team explains in this regard:

“A combination of ice expansion and contraction, sublimation and flow may have created this landscape.”

Sublimation occurs when a solid changes directly into a gas. This process has helped form some of the most exciting structures on Mars, such as the Smiley Face Crater. NASA’s Reconnaissance Orbiter has shed light on the diversity of Martian landscapes. This scientific instrument has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2006 and continues to release stunning scientific information about it.

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