NASA released a strange image of the circular sand dunes of Mars! + Photo

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has released a new image of the red planet’s oldest resident the hills sandy We are strange and unique on the surface of the planet Mars.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRise camera has taken pictures of sand dunes on the planet’s surface in the past, but in this new image, they appear as hollow outlines on the planet. Alfred McEwen, an astrogeologist, wrote about this image:

“There are sand dunes of different shapes and sizes on Mars. “In this example, the hills are almost perfectly circular, which is an unusual phenomenon.”

Sand dunes on the surface of Mars

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mars is a planet full of dust, sand and wind, which makes it a good place for sand dunes to form. With a close look at the image above, you can see that these hills are not exact circles.

McEwen continues in this regard:

“They are slightly asymmetric and have sharp slip on the southern parts of their plates. “This shows that the sand is generally moving south, but the direction of the winds may vary.”

Researchers with the HiRise camera at the University of Arizona have been studying the area to monitor seasonal changes in ice cover, but this image shows no ice in the area. Although pictures like this one of black Mars may seem otherworldly to some people, it actually shows the connection between it and our planet. The land also has many incredibly beautiful sand dunes that tell a similar story about the wind and the changing seasons.

Currently, many rovers and scientific instruments are researching and discovering new evidence on the surface of the Red Planet, but recently some researchers said in an article that it is impossible to discover alien life on Mars with the current rovers and they are not equipped with the necessary tools to do this.

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