NASA selected Blue Origin to build the lunar lander for the Artemis 5 mission

NASA has announced a partnership with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to build a landing system for the third manned Artemis mission to the moon. According to this contract, NASA 3.4 billion dollars Blue Origin is funding the company’s Artemis 5 mission, which for September 2029 It is planned to build a lander.

NASA announced in a statement that Blue Origin has been selected as the manufacturer of one of the landers for future Artemis missions. This company has managed to attract the attention of the US Space Agency in a situation where Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Draper were its competitors. The statement did not say which product of Jeff Bezos’ company will be used to land on the moon, but the company is currently working on a lander. Blue Moon Is.

In response to this news, Blue Origin announced that it will spend much more than NASA’s donation on this money to complete this project.

What will be Blue Origin’s role in the Artemis 5 mission?

During the Artemis 5 mission Four astronauts Go to the moon with the Orion capsule. Two of them will be stationed in the “Gate” space station that will be built in the lunar orbit, but two of them will go to the South Pole of this rocky globe with the Blue Origin lander.

Next, the astronauts who land on the moon stay there for a week and do their marches, experiments and studies. Two astronauts of Darvaza station will also be busy with the affairs of this station.

NASA earlier spacecraft spacex had chosen for the first (Artemis 3) and second (Artemis 4) manned landings on the moon. Blue Origin had previously sued the court about the contract with SpaceX, but the court ultimately rejected their request.

The space company owned by Jeff Bezos, of course, had previously managed to cooperate with NASA for a scientific mission to Mars and the Orbital Reef space station and get financial help from them.

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