National Treasure canceled after one season by Disney Plus

Disney Plus Network announced that National Treasure: Edge of History has been canceled after only one season.

The series National Treasure: Edge of History was broadcast on Disney Plus last December and now on the latest Cinema and TV news, this series is not going to return for a second season. Disney+ network decided to cancel National Treasure series after one season of its production and airing, and to see that this series will not return for another season. It seems that the series National Treasure: Edge of History has failed to meet the expectations of network executives in attracting viewers.

Nielsen previously said in January that the series had climbed to the ninth most-watched original series of a network, but its viewership was not comparable to other Disney Plus series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars. Lisette Alexis as Jess Morales, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zori Reid, Lyndon Smith, Jake Austin Walker, Antonio Cipriano and Jordan Rodriguez are among the actors who are present in the series National Treasure: Edge of History.

Actors of National Treasure series

The National Treasure series deals with issues of identity, community, history making and patriotism, focusing on Jess Morales, a 20-year-old girl, who embarks on an adventure with her friends to find a lost treasure and uncover the secrets of her family’s mysterious past. . This series was produced in 10 episodes for the Disney Plus network. Carmack, Marianne Wiberly And Mira Nair They were responsible for making the National Treasure: Edge of History series.

The first film National Treasure was released in 2004, directed by John Turtletubb and starring Nicolas Cage as a historian and cryptographer named Benjamin Franklin Gates. The film became a commercial success with international sales of 347 million dollars. Next, the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets was released in 2007 and achieved worldwide sales of 459 million dollars. Also, the movie National Treasure 3 is in the making Chris Bremner, The writer of the script of the film Bad Boys For Life has taken the task of writing the script of this film.

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