Naughty Dog: The Last of Us multiplayer needs more time

Naughty Dog recently expressed his desire to release more information about The Last of Us multiplayer and a new single-player game.

During the past months, the Naughty Dog game studio has been busy designing and developing the multiplayer part of The Last of Us. To date, the creator of the Uncharted series has only shared a few concept arts from his highly anticipated and ambitious project. The developers announced earlier this year that they will share more details about the project later this year.

However, before the last part of PlayStation Showcase was held, due to the time of this event and the many guesses and rumors surrounding the showcase, many people expected this work to be officially unveiled at the event. Now, during the latest news of the gaming world, Naughty Dog has published a statement about this issue a few hours ago.

Ellie, played by Ashley Johnson, aiming a gun at the enemy in the hospital setting of The Last of Us 2, directed by Neil Druckman.

The studio shared a message on its Twitter account. In the text of this message we read:

“We know many of you are eager to hear the release [اطلاعات] More about our multiplayer game The Last of Us. We’re incredibly proud of what the studio has accomplished so far, but as production progressed we realized that the best decision for the game was to give it more time. [ساخت] It is. Our team will continue to work on the project as well as other games in development, including a new single-player experience. We look forward to sharing [اطلاعات] More in the near future.”

As you, dear Zumji friends, are probably aware of, last year it was confirmed that the new solo work of the Naughty Dog game studio was also mentioned in the text above, the next project Neil Druckman will be. Finally, recent reports have claimed that a number of unannounced titles from Sony’s first-party studios are ready to be shown, but for unknown reasons were left out of the recent PlayStation event.

What do you think dear? What do you expect from the multiplayer part of The Last of Us? What do you think Neil Druckman’s next project will be like? Share your opinion on the latest game news with Zoomji and other users.

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