New Horizon multiplayer image and details revealed

New details have been revealed via a leaked alpha video and artwork for Gorilla Games’ Horizon multiplayer project.

Recently, a video of the Alpha version of the Horizon multiplayer project has been revealed, in which details of the game’s art style and its differences from the original versions of the series have been seen. This 12-minute video was shared by one of the Reddit users for hours, and other users were able to have a look at the alpha version of the multiplayer game Horizon. In the leaked video, several models of the game’s characters were seen traveling in a world similar to the Horizon series.

With the difference that the design of these characters and the game world are completely different from the fictional versions of the series. In this video, you can see the design of the colorful world and characters, whose art style is similar to the Fortnite game, and the textures have been reconstructed in a way to be seen brighter and have less detail and clarity than the original games of the series. Due to the cartoon and colorful design of this multiplayer game, it can be considered completely separate from the original versions and Aloy saga.

The leaked artwork of the Horizon multiplayer game

(Revealed artwork of Horizon multiplayer)

According to the video, there are a variety of characters to choose from, all designed to look like Pixar animations. These characters are actually brave heroes and agile hunters. However, the design of the robots in this game seems to be the same as the original version, and most of the fighting mechanisms are also familiar to Horizon fans.

In addition to the aforementioned video, an artwork of the project has been revealed, which can be attributed to an art style similar to League of Legends or Tibia. In any case, it seems that Gorilla Games Studio is planning to create a completely unique and new multiplayer game, whose art style will probably be completely different from what players expect.

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