New images from the filming stages of the Fallout series

New images from the filming stages of Amazon Network’s Fallout show for the first time the appearance of Red Rocket’s repair shop in this television work.

After 6 months have passed since the official start of the production process of Amazon Studios’ Fallout series adaptation, new pictures from the backstage of the filming location of this series in the small town of Nyack in southern New York have been released, which show the appearance of the famous Red Rocket repair shop.

In these images shared by one of the fans of the Fallout series on Twitter, we can see the stages of construction and preparation for the installation of the famous Red Rocket banner at Red Rocket gas stations. In the world of the Fallout series, Red Rocket is one of the big and old companies that, in the time before the nuclear apocalypse, with hundreds of gas stations all over the United States, was responsible for providing fuel for atomic engines and new century automobiles for American citizens. .

These stations have been present in all the previous Fallout games of Bethesda Softworks, namely Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and the online game Fallout 76. Now, apparently, the depiction of the logo and the overall image of this brand has been done with great care, similar to the games of this series.

Earlier Todd HowardThe director of the third and fourth part of this series had confirmed that the events of this series will take place in a new region but a common world with the games of this series. Narrating the story of new characters and groups in this post-apocalyptic world will be the goal of the production team of this series. The revealed details from behind the scenes of the filming of the series also apparently refer to the happening of some of the events of this series in the 33rd underground shelter of the atomic apocalypse of the United States.

The final list of actors of this series has not been announced yet, but Kyle McLachlan, Aaron Mateen, Shelia Mendez-Jones, Mike Dial, Ella Purnell And Walton Guggins They will be one of the main actors of the Fallout series. Graham Wagner And Geneva Robertson As showrunner and James Altman, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy And Todd Howard They are known as the writers and executive producers of this work. Jonathan Nolan will also direct the pilot episode of this series.

The release date of Fallout on Amazon has not yet been announced, but it is expected that by the end of 2023, we will see the first trailer and the announcement of the release date of the first episode of the Fallout series.

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