New MVM X33 cross on the way to the Iranian market; Specifications + price and review video

MVM X33 is one of the popular, best-selling and well-known Chinese cars in Iran. This car is known in the mainland as one of the products of the Chery crossover family, and it reaches Chinese customers under the name Tigo 3. However, in Iran, we know it by the brand of Madiresh Khodro and the name MVM X33. So far, three generations and four versions of this car have been released to the Iranian market. Currently, the new generation of this car named MVM X33 Cross is being prepared to enter the Iranian market. MVMX 33 Cross has experienced tremendous differences compared to its three previous generations.

The post-Shanghai MVM X33 Cross experience

On the sidelines of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, an opportunity was provided for Iranian journalists to visit the main production line of Chery and learn about the company’s new products for the Iranian market. One of these products is MVM X33 Cross. This crossover will be a mid-range car in the portfolio of car managers. It has been a while since the production and supply of the facelift version of the third generation MVMX 33, which is known as the MVMX 33 AT, has been stopped. MVMX 33 Cross will replace this car and will be one step higher than MVMX22 Pro.

MVM X33 Cross

With a first look at the pictures of the MVMX 33 Cross, it is easy to see the similarities between this car and the MVMX X22 Pro. This car is actually the facelift version of Tigo 3x or Tigo 2 which was introduced in 2023. Therefore, both cars are similar in terms of platform and dimensions, and the only difference between them is the appearance. However, the car managers plan to release both versions before and after the facelift in our market at the same time.

Unlike the exterior, which has common design patterns, in the interior of the MVM X33 Cross, we see a completely new cabin compared to the MVM x22 Pro. This cabin uses a two-tone trim and clusters are attached in the middle. Since MVMX 33 Cross is the facelifted version of MVMX22 Pro, we expect the level of comfort and safety of this car to be improved.

Common engines

In addition to the visual similarities between MVM X33 Cross and MVM X22 Pro, these two cars also have similar technical specifications. Under the hood of the MVM X33 Cross is the same one-liter turbocharged engine with three cylinders that produces a maximum of 102 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque. CVT automatic transmission with nine synthetic gears is responsible for transferring power to the front axle. Of course, the possibility of releasing a gear version of the X33 Cross with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine is not far from expected.

MVM X33 Cross

The use of this engine will be the main difference between MVM X33 Cross and its three previous generations. The previous generations of this car were equipped with a naturally aspirated two-liter engine. But the new generation of this crossover is associated with a one-liter reduction in engine volume and the addition of a turbocharger. The output power and torque of this engine cannot be compared with a two-liter naturally aspirated engine. Also, due to the problems of access to high-quality fuel in Iran, there is uncertainty about the durability of this engine.

How much will it cost?

Until the official introduction of MVM X33 Cross and the presentation of the catalog of this product by car managers, the price of the fourth generation X33 will not be known. However, speculations indicate a price range of 1 billion tomans for this crossover.

Currently, the original version of this crossover, that is, MVM X22 Pro, is sold by car managers at a price of 870 million Tomans. Therefore, customers have to spend about 150 million Tomans more to buy the facelift version. It is expected that MVM X33 Cross has experienced an acceptable upgrade in terms of comfort and safety; Therefore, paying this price difference will be justified for a group of customers.

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