Nissan Arizona concept was unveiled; Electric SUV for off-road lovers

Nissan unveiled a new concept at the creative Shanghai exhibition. This concept is called “Arizon” and it shows the Japanese company’s take on an electric SUV. In the design of this concept, Nissan took into account the tastes of Chinese customers, so its production version will probably go to this country in the near future. Meanwhile, in terms of size and dimensions, it is practically not unlikely that Arizona will be considered an electric replacement for Nissan Patrol, the most famous Nissan SUV, which of course is famous for its dimensions and powerful internal combustion engines, and perhaps electrification is very compatible with the spirit of its customers. not be

Nissan Arizona Concept of the future

In terms of dimensions, Nissan Arizona Similar in size to Qashqai has it; But due to the extensive use of exaggerated volumes, it is seen bigger than Qashqai. The design style of this concept is such that it stimulates the sense of adventure and participation in off-road tours in the viewer! If you look closely at the images of this concept, you will find no trace of the B-pillar. By removing this pillar, Nissan engineers have moved the hinges of the rear doors to the C-pillar. As a result, Arizona doors open in the opposite direction like Rolls-Royce products. Integrated roof rails and multiple LED lights are other notable features of the latest Nissan concept. These lights have an all-over structure in both the front and back and have created a grid-like pattern.

Front view

Nissan Arizona is very high from the ground. This feature, along with the benefit of large rims and special off-road tires, shows that Nissan engineers paid special attention to Off-road capabilities Have had.

rear view

Very modern interior design

Like the exterior, inside the cabin of Nissan Arizona we are faced with a modern and advanced atmosphere. This SUV concept carrying capacity 5 passengers and its dashboard hosts a wide screen behind the steering wheel. The steering wheel has a futuristic shape and several touch buttons can be seen on it. There are several touch buttons on the Arizona dashboard to control the features and manage the infotainment system.

Nissan Arizona cabin

The Nissan Arizona roof has a glass structure. This glass to Auto blur feature It is equipped and on sunny days, it can prevent the cabin temperature from increasing or passengers being bothered. Like many recent concepts, the Arizona also benefits from a dedicated assistant. The assistant is called Eporo, and passengers can interact with it about the weather and such.

Nissan Arizona

Intelligent cabin lighting It is another advanced feature of Nissan Arizona. This concept has the ability to identify the people in the cabin and can choose the color and mode of interior lighting according to their preferences.

Technical Specifications

Based on the Nissan Arizona concept CMF-EV platform has developed You may know that other models such as Nissan Aria and Renault Megane E-Tech are also based on this platform. Regarding the specifications of the engine, the Japanese have not said anything. But the mentioned platform is compatible with all types of single and dual engine engines. Also the strongest version of Aria, has 389 horsepower engine and an 87 kWh battery provides its energy. Therefore, it is not far from the expectation that Arizona will have similar specifications.

Nissan Arizona

It should be noted that Nissan plans to end this decade 27 electrified models introduce the new to the market; Of these, 19 models will be equipped with an all-electric engine. Maybe the mass production version of Arizona is one of these models.

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