Nokia unveiled the Pure UI user interface

Nokia company has recently introduced a new user interface under the title Pure UI has unveiled and we will probably soon see its use in the company’s products. Nokia recently unveiled a new logo at Mobile World Congress, which shows the company’s serious will to change its design language.

Interface Pure UI What are its features?

The Nokia design team has intended to provide users with a unified, flexible and modern design in a minimal and clean way. This issue has caused the new user interface of this company to look very attractive at first glance and it can be placed among the most beautiful user interfaces made by Android phone manufacturers.

Pure UI Nokia user interface

One of the new features in this interface is the new icons, which are Nokia’s signature, along with the exclusive font. The icons are visually very simple and only curved lines are used in their design; But the thickness and other details of these lines can be changed according to the hardware and screen type. Smooth animations for moving between pages are other things that can impress users.

As expected, dark mode is supported by default in Pure UI and various elements are changed accordingly to be more compatible with the dark environment. Nokia has announced that when designing this interface, it tried to make maximum use of abstract geometric forms; But at the same time, it has included versatility for easy understanding and use by users.

Pure UI Nokia user interface

It is worth noting that Nokia currently uses a user interface similar to raw Android in most of its products, and Pure UI can be a very big and important step for this company and its users. It will also be possible to use it on other digital products such as smart watches; Although at first we only have to wait for this interface to be used on smartphones. Those interested can visit the site to see more details refer to

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