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In the last days of the year, Eid shopping is one of the priorities of people, and in the meantime, many people try to renew their digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops, in addition to buying clothes and home appliances. Kalatik online store also respects the tradition of Nowruz and tries to meet all the needs of users and buyers of digital goods by holding the festival of Eid sales. Join us in this article to get more information about the Eid sale and the new look of the Kalatik site.

Introducing the new Kalatik site

According to the request of many users about the appearance and user interface of the online store site KalatikKalatik software development team has paid attention to the demands of its loyal users and tried to design a website that is not only faster than before but also brings a dynamic environment and a more special shopping experience to users in terms of visual beauty.

Kalatik, as one of the most reliable and long-standing digital online stores, has changed its website design to make it easier for users to find the product they want and get a good shopping experience. Among the positive points of this change, we can mention more optimal display on mobile phones. In fact, this optimization for small screens makes it easier and faster to search for the product you need in the site menu.

If you want to buy a mobile phone at the best price in the market with a valid warranty, you can visit Kalatik store. You can also filter your desired device by brand, color and price in the mobile phone category and complete your purchase.

Gift wrapping order

Among other facilities that have been recently added to the Kalatik site, there is a request for gift wrapping of the ordered product. If you intend to receive your ordered product gift-wrapped, you can send a gift-wrapping request when ordering the desired product. You can follow the steps below to learn about the process of wrapping.

1. Choose the product you want and then enter your order basket.

2. In the shopping cart or order, you can choose one of the 10 gift paper designs and finalize your purchase.

Callatic services

Kalatik has always tried to provide the best possible services to the people of Iran. In this regard, you can visit Calatik online store to buy all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, accessories and smart watches and buy with the best market price and valid warranty.

One of the positive points of Kalatik compared to other online stores is the ability to choose between different types of warranty for the product in question. Also, due to the increase in the price of mobile phones, the Kalatic store has provided the possibility of buying in installments from the store for the well-being of buyers, and you can buy your digital goods such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smart watches in installments. Currently, you can activate your installment purchase through 3 different plans.

Kalatik Eid Sale Festival

Kalatik plans to consider a special sales festival to approach the last days of the year and Nowruz. In this festival, you can buy various products at an exceptional price. That’s why we suggest you don’t miss this exceptional opportunity and order the product you want before the end of the festival.

At Kalatik’s special Eid sale festival, you can buy your digital goods such as mobile phones, tablets, accessories, speakers, smart watches, laptops and other items at reasonable prices and exceptional discounts.

Special sale of mobile phones

The night market is one of the best times to buy a mobile phone; Because most mobile phone manufacturers have introduced and released their new 2023 models to the market. You can buy all kinds of mobile phones at the best prices in Kalatik’s Eid discounts. If you intend to buy a phone with the best price in the market, we suggest that you put Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple and Huawei brands at the top of your list; Because the products of these companies, in addition to the reasonable price, have high features and efficiency compared to the money paid.

Special sale of tablets

Due to their high portability and more compact dimensions, tablets have been able to be a very good alternative to laptops. Tablets, like mobile phones, have different prices due to the change of screen type, dimensions, hardware, battery, software features and smart pen support. Among the best brands for buying tablets, we can mention Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

Special sales festival of smart watches on Eid

Smart watches and health bracelets are considered to be one of the most popular gadgets in the digital world, and they always attract the attention of a wide range of people. These popular gadgets are equipped with features such as sleep quality control and monitoring, health status control, heart rate monitoring, heart rate measurement, sports program presentation and call and message notification display. In order to buy a smart watch and health bracelet, you can go to the Kalatic online store website and finalize your purchase after checking and comparing with each other.

Special sale of laptops

With the spread of the digital world of home computers, the need to access computers was felt everywhere, and with the advancement of technology, laptops were able to quickly find their place in the shopping basket of users. Today, laptops are sold in different sizes, batteries, hardware and prices. In order to complete its product portfolio on the eve of Eid, Kalatik online store provides users with all kinds of laptops at the best prices.

Special sale of accessories

Accessories are one of the most basic items that can be purchased when buying a mobile phone. You can buy all kinds of accessories for mobile phones, tablets and other items at the best price at the Kalatik Eid Sale Festival.

Kalatik Eid night sale with guarantee of product authenticity

One of the commitments that Kalatik always adheres to is the “guarantee of product authenticity”. In fact, Kalatik guarantees that all the products on the site are original, so that customers can go to the products on the site with ease. Also, you can specify and choose the type and duration of the warranty when buying the product you want.

An exceptional purchase at the Kalatik special sale festival

If you are looking for a good opportunity to buy a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, we suggest that you do not miss the sale festival of Kalatik online store. Because Kalatik has considered a variety of products for users in order to cover all the tastes and needs of different users.

How to send goods in the special sales festival of Eid Kalatik

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by users when buying goods from Kalatik online store is how to send it. Kalatik has considered three methods for the convenience of users about how to send and receive goods.

The first shipping method is called express, where the order is sent by the store’s courier on the selected day and time frame.

The second method is to receive in person. After specifying the day and time of delivery, you can specify the place to receive your goods from three centers in Tehran. The third method is receiving from the closet. We also suggest that you don’t postpone your purchase until the end of the year due to the increasing volume of orders.

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