NS reset of domains was troublesome by Irnik

Today evening’s map and router were unavailable for two hours. According to Nishan’s CEO, this incident was caused by a technical problem in the transfer process of one of Nishan’s basic service domains.

From around 4:30 p.m. today, Thursday, April 31st, the Nishan service was unavailable to users of this platform for two hours. Users could only access the map and could not use other features of this platform such as navigation.

The badge is unavailable

In a conversation with Digiato, “Javad Amel” pointed out this disruption and said that the transfer process of one of the basic domains of the service mark (ir.) has caused this platform to become unavailable:

“We had a change and transfer in the nic.ir panel and 5 days ago we registered its request in Irnik. According to Irnik’s process, the fulfillment of this notification request; We received the notification email today at 4 pm after 5 days that the transfer has been completed. In this process, Irnik resets the NSs, which is not a standard practice anywhere in the world. Nowhere in the world does such a thing happen when transferring a domain, let’s say that the Twitter domain wants to give an internal transfer, then they say that we will reset the NS, and this will make Twitter unavailable for an hour!”

According to him, at 16:30, they realize that NSs are null: “When you set NSs manually, it takes 2 hours for Irnik to update them, while NS update logic takes less than 10 It is 15 minutes. “Unfortunately, there is access to Irnik support only during office hours, and a domain transfer from one panel to another caused the service to be unavailable for two hours.”

Also referring to the dissatisfaction with NIC.ir, CEO Nishan said: “This dissatisfaction has been there for years. In other matters, related high authorities say that we do not have the authority and duty, at least solve this problem of Irnik, which has taken the throat of the entire ecosystem.

It should be mentioned that in general, the connection between the domain and the host is done by the Name Server. Disrupting this will make a site or platform unavailable to users.

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