Nubar experienced 300% growth in its fourth year of operation

Nobar startup, a smart moving and carrying system, has been facing 300% growth from April to February of this year and at the same time as its fourth year of operation.

According to Digiato’s report and quoted by Nubar public relations, this startup is a smart moving and transportation system in the city, which launched the first fixed price technology in the matter of moving and moving.

Nubar has also directly and indirectly created jobs for more than a thousand people, and now entering its fourth year of operation, it has presented statistics and figures of its performance from April to February of this year.

Accordingly, this startup has experienced a 4-fold (300%) growth in its fourth year of operation. Nobar believes that this growth was due to deep needs assessment and accurate understanding of the audience’s concerns and efforts to resolve them.

98% customer satisfaction

According to Nobar reviews, customers of this collection have been satisfied with 98% of Nobar services.

This startup offers a variety of services; In other words, in addition to its main mission of moving furniture, it has also provided additional services such as intercity moving (Barika) and the sale of packing materials (Shop). Nubar has also expanded its activities in other cities. This startup started its activity in Isfahan this year.

The level of satisfaction with the moving startup

Nubar has also calculated NPS in his report. NPS is the share of customers who are willing to advertise and promote the new service. In 1401, this share was 68%; That is, out of every 100 customers, 48 ​​people are willing to advertise and promote Nobar service.

The amount of damage in furniture removal

Nobar system, like any other traditional freight or freight site, may cause damage to people’s belongings during its activity. As reported by this startup, only two percent of new furniture was damaged.

Of course, Nubar insures users’ belongings, and for this reason, all the damages of Nubar’s movers have been compensated.

New services

According to what is stated on the site of this collection, the delivery team should not receive tips and in 1401 only in 2.5% of the removals done by this team, the delivery team asked for tips from the customers.

It should be mentioned that Nubar is working in Tehran, Alborz and Isfahan provinces. In recent months, in addition to the increase in housing prices, the moving of furniture has also faced a significant price increase, but the average price of moving furniture in Tehran is less than 2,300,000 tomans.

New service next year

This startup has always tried to expand its activity by providing various services so that users can benefit from all kinds of services related to transportation and moving by referring to Nubar.

Nubar is one of the services that intelligently estimates the price of furniture removal and does not increase the price even after providing the service. Now, next year, this startup wants to offer a new service for price estimation. In this service, the price of moving furniture will be calculated based on the size and number of bedrooms with artificial intelligence.

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