Nvidia is still investigating the issue with the 12VHPWR cable of the RTX 4090 graphics card

Referring again to the problem of damage to 12VHPWR connectors due to high manufacturing heat, the Nvidia spokesperson assured customers that they can quickly return the defective product.

Ever since Nvidia released the RTX 4090 graphics card to the market, reports of the potential problem of the cable and electrical connectors of this card have been raised in various media; A problem that in many cases leads to the melting of the 12VHPWR connector and Its cables were in the system due to high heat generation.

Nvidia has already announced that it is investigating various aspects of this problem and will announce the results soon. However, the company has largely remained silent on the growing number of reports that have been coming out one after the other.

12VHPWR connector

Now KitGuru, as a spokesperson for Nvidia, announced in a new statement that the green team is still investigating this issue. According to his explanation, this company, along with its business partners, will fully adhere to the support of its consumers and, if necessary, will return defective products. “We will continue to evaluate the reports, but there are no details to provide at this time,” he said. Nvidia and its business partners are committed to supporting their customers, and Nvidia guarantees a prompt return process for defective products.”

For now, the main problem with the new 12VHPWR cables is unknown, but many experts say that the problem is related to the poor quality of the connectors and improper connection. It is expected that Nvidia will finally make an official statement about this problem and share the root cause of it with users.

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