Off-road training with Lego; What factors are effective in the driving capabilities of an off-road vehicle?

Driving on off-road tracks is very attractive and its fans are not lacking in the corners of the world. But movement in these directions is closely related to the laws of physics; In addition, drivers must have high skills and experience in facing different conditions and challenges in off-road routes. In other words, an off-road driver is required to successfully pass all types of terrain A combination of knowledge and experience needs. One of the most challenging areas for off-road drivers is sand fields and sandy tracks. The YouTube channel Brick Technology has created a very interesting video with the help of Lego to teach the basic concepts of off-roading and show some of the challenges that exist on such tracks.

Off-road training

Off-road training by examining the role of different factors

In this video, which must be watched by off-road lovers, The role of various factors It is checked when the car passes through a sandy track. Some of these factors are: the power transmission system to the wheels, the presence or absence of a differential lock, the width and tread of the tires, the amount of weight and how it is distributed on the axles and the suspension system.

In order to increase the challenges and more attractiveness in the Brick Technology channel video, changes are applied to the sand track. For example, obstacles, potholes, slopes and hypothetical hills are placed in front of the Lego car. Maybe you know in this situation Transferring power to all four wheels and benefiting from a differential lock It is very helpful.

As you can see in the attached video, the tires They have a tremendous impact on the performance of an off-road vehicle; Especially on sandy tracks. On such tracks, tires with a flat construction are more efficient than tires with a more curved edge. Also, the number of tires and more optimal weight distribution directly affect the performance of the car. This is why six-wheeled vehicles have better capabilities in crossing off-road routes. The interesting tests of this YouTube channel show that a six-wheeled vehicle with an independent suspension system and power transmission to all axles has the best performance in the sand.

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