Offering a $100 Steam gift card along with RTX 40 graphics cards

The MicroCenter store is giving away a $100 Steam gift card to all buyers of NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards.

Some gamers are concerned about the $200 price difference of the RTX 4070 graphics card With RTX 4070 Ti were surprised, but it was Nvidia and the business partners of this company that did not encourage users to buy one of the latest products of the NVIDIA RTX 40 series. They were more surprised. In fact, it seems that even such a lower price was not enough to convince users. Now entering the second week of release RTX 4070 seems that there is no particular problem in terms of the supply of this product, but the sales statistics of this card are not very satisfactory.

Selling RTX 4070 graphics card with $100 Steam gift card

As a result, a large store like MicroCenter in America has come to the conclusion that a $100 Steam gift card can be a good offer to encourage users to buy any of the RTX 40 series models. Of course, offering a gift card is not actually a discount, but there are some platforms that exchange these gift cards for cash. In fact, even if these platforms reduce the price by 15%, the buyers of these products will get a discount of $85.

Every day there is news of a new store selling RTX 4070 graphics card below the approved price. In fact, it seems that different stores one after another are trying to unload their stock of the new Nvidia product, but still there is not much interest for this. At least the American market has such conditions, but the situation has been better for some other places.

Selling RTX 4070 graphics card with $100 Steam gift card

It should be noted that these discounts and offers started only less than 2 weeks after the release of the RTX 4070 graphics card, and there is no doubt that the prices will be corrected with this level of demand. Otherwise, these stores themselves have to reduce their profit margin before the manufacturer company.

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