Old and new washing machine repair center in Teknopeshtiban

With active branches in all areas of Tehran, Teknopeshtiban diagnoses and repairs your washing machine at home with the help of mobile repairmen and at a fair price.

Repairing old and new automatic washing machines is one of the services offered at Teknopeshtiban, which is provided with original parts on site. Due to the use of original parts and the high skill and experience of repairmen, all the services of this collection have a guarantee and it is possible to issue an official invoice. In addition, in all areas of north, south, east and west of Tehran, techno support service workers visit the place and repair the washing machine at home and at the place. Repairing the old washing machine in Tehran.

One of the constant challenges in washing machine repair is access to original parts and fabric of the same brand. This problem has shown its importance especially in old washing machines and it brings many problems. Technopashtiban has supported various brands over the years and has access to the main parts of their products. For this reason, it diagnoses and repairs all kinds of old washing machines with top and twin doors, etc., with fabric parts as a guarantee.

In order to facilitate the troubleshooting and repair process, service Washing machine repair in Tehran This collection is provided on site. So that after placing the order, the work service goes to the place and performs the necessary repairs without the need to transfer the washing machine to the repair shop.

Guaranteed washing machine repair

Teknopeshtiban is one of the washing machine repair centers with a high history of activity in Tehran, which has provided many conditions for hiring its repairmen. For this reason, only people who have enough experience and skills and are familiar with the internal structure of products of different brands are accepted in this collection. The result of this method of hiring repairmen has made the services of this collection guaranteed. So that you can rest assured of the service Pakshuma washing machine repair and other brands benefit from warranty.

The warranty in the repair of the washing machine of Technosupport is that if the same failure occurs again, the repairman will fix the problem without getting paid.

Image of a washing machine repairman repairing with the help of original parts

Washing machine repairs with original parts

Iranian and foreign brands use special parts to implement different functions in their products. Therefore, in their repair, original parts and fabric should be used so that other parts are not damaged and the operation of the device is not disturbed. Technosupport covers Iranian and foreign brands and operates as an authorized agent. For this reason, he has access to fabric and original parts and uses them in repairs.

Among the brands that Teknopeshtiban supports, the following can be mentioned:

Samsung, LG, Daewoo, Snowa, Pars, Pakshuma, Hardstone, Hyundai, Elegance, Absal, Araj, Indezit, Archlake, Sepehr Electric, Bosch, Krupp, Aag, Magic, Media washing machine repair

On-site washing machine repair services

Due to the heavy weight of the washing machine and the problems that arise during moving and transporting them to the repair shop, on-site repair of such household appliances is provided in Technopashtiban. Due to the high skill and expertise of the repairman and complete knowledge of the internal structure of the washing machine in different models, there is no limit in the type of service at the place and at home. Some of the services that can be provided on site by this complex are:

  • Changing the washing belt
  • Repairing the laundry drain system
  • Washing machine timer repair
  • Washing machine hydrostat repair
  • Repairing the washing machine door lock microswitch
  • Changing the buttons of the washing machine panel
  • Replacing the inlet and outlet hoses of the washing machine
  • Repair and replacement of washing machine valve
  • Repair and replacement of washing machine tachometer or tachometer
  • Replacing the washing machine element
  • Washing machine repair
  • Repairing the washing board panel
  • Repairing the hinge and door of the washing machine
  • Repairing the washing machine heating system

North Tehran laundry repair center

Teknopeshtiban has active branches in all areas of Tehran and sends the service to the place immediately after the customer calls. Therefore, if you are in any of the northern neighborhoods of Tehran, just contact the relevant branch. Some of the neighborhoods in the north of Tehran that are supported by this collection are:

Ophtiyeh, Venk, Niayesh, Niavaran, Loizan, Kamraniyeh, Qaytiyeh, Xian, Deh Venk, Derkeh, Darabad, Jamshidiyeh, Tavanir, Andarzgo Blvd., Elahiyeh, Ararat, Seoul, Dezashib, Darband, Afrika St., Jamaran, Tajrish, Evin, Aghdisiyeh. , Sohank, Dros, Davodieh, Chizer, Lashgark Road, Pasdaran, Amaniyeh, Ezgol, Ajvadeniyeh

Washing machine repair center south of Tehran

Technosupport repairmen are mobile in different neighborhoods in the south of Tehran. For this reason, they visit the place in a very short time and do the repairs. These repairmen all have a certificate of no bad history and are reliable. In addition, their high experience has made them guarantee the quality of their work. After completing the repair process, you can receive the warranty card from the repairer along with the official invoice.

In each of the areas of Ibn Baboyeh, Imamzadeh Abolhasan, Amazadeh Hassan, Amin Abad, Wheat Storage, Oil Storage, Baqershahr, Azadegan Highway, Baath, Quds Boulevard, Nemat Abad Outpost, South Terminal, Taqi Abad, Jawanmard Kasab, Chahardangeh, Chitsazi, Khani Abad, Khazane Bokharai, Khalazir, Zamzam Street and other neighborhoods in the south of Tehran, you can use Technosupport services.

Washing machine repair in West Tehran

At Washing machine repair in West Tehran All neighborhoods are covered by technologists and mobile service workers visit the place in a very short time. These Gods are all made with original parts and fabrics and cover all Iranian and foreign brands of old and new washing machines.

Eram, Azadi, Eskandari, Ekbatan, Ivanek, Khorazi Highway, Iran Boulevard, Iran Khodro Boulevard, Ferdous Boulevard, Poonk, Tehransar, Janat Abad, Chamran, Chitgar, Hesarak, Karoun St., Olympic Village, Program Organization, Sattar Khan, among other possible areas. The cover is located in the west of Tehran and repair services are provided with original and fully guaranteed parts at reasonable prices.

Repairing the washing machine in East Tehran

Since Technosupport is a registered and official company and is recognized as an authorized repair shop for various brands, its services are also fair. To make customers more sure that the price and repair costs are fair, you can receive an official invoice from the repairman after the repairs are completed.

Atabek, Ange Autobahn, Babaei Autobahn, Istakhar, Zainuddin Highway, Yasini Highway, Etihad Blvd., Delavaran Blvd., Pardis, Chubi Bridge, Pirizi, Tehranpars, Hashmatieh, Hakimiyeh, Khavaran, Damavand St., Shariati are some of the areas that the repairers of this complex They are present and provide service.

last word

In any of the north, south, east, and west areas of Tehran you are present, if you encounter a breakdown in the washing machine, just contact Technopeshtiban. This collection has active branches and mobile repairmen in all areas of Tehran and performs troubleshooting and repairs on site and at home with original parts and fabric at a fair price. In order to learn more about other Teknupeshtiban services and use them, just search the name “Technupeshtiban” on the Internet.

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