OpenAI called for an agency similar to the Atomic Energy Agency for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is developing at an incredible speed, and its risks are increasing over time. Now, in a joint statement, the senior managers of OpenAI have called for the formation of an international organization similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor the situation of artificial intelligence activists.

OpenAI executives, including CEO Sam Altman, Chief Administrative Officer Greg Brockman, and Chief Scientist Ilya Sotskever, explained in a blog post that The speed of innovation In the field of artificial intelligence, it is so high that it cannot be expected that the current institutions will have enough power to control the situation.

Although OpenAI can be somewhat self-defining, it is clear that the generative artificial intelligence technology, headed by ChatGPT, can, in addition to its useful applications, Important risks to the world community.

The development of artificial intelligence must be done in a safe manner

Without going into detail or referring to specific commitments, OpenAI executives have stated that AI cannot control itself. They say, “We need some level of coordination among the frontline developers to make sure that production Artificial intelligence It happens in a way that we can help to smoothly integrate these systems into society while maintaining safety.”

“We’ll probably end up with something like [آژانس بین‌المللی انرژی اتمی] For AI-related efforts, we need; Any effort beyond a certain capability threshold should be covered An international institution be able to inspect systems, require their audits, test compliance and safety standards, impose restrictions on the level of implementation or security of systems, etc.

OpenAI says that tracking computing power and energy devoted to AI research is one of the few Objective evaluation criteria that can be reported and reviewed. Although it can be difficult to say whether AI should or should not be used for certain categories of tasks, it can be useful to monitor and evaluate the resource consumption for these tasks, as is the case in other industries.

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