Opera also apparently wants to integrate its products with ChatGPT

Chatbot in recent times ChatGPT It has received a lot of attention and even Microsoft added it to its Edge browser and Bing search engine. It is now said that web browsers operaincluding Opera GX may also receive this artificial intelligence system soon.

According to reports published by CNBC and Neowin, Opera’s parent company, Kunlun Tech, plans to add OpenAI’s wildly popular artificial intelligence program, ChatGPT, to its products. Of course, it is not clear exactly which products of this company will be added to this system or whether this decision is also considered for Opera and Opera GX web browsers.

Competition of technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence ChatGPT


This report has been published while technology companies, especially Microsoft and Google, have started a tough battle in the field of artificial intelligence. As we said, the Redmonds have added ChatGPT to Bing and Edge, and Google plans to add its competitor, Bard AI, to its search engine. Chinese companies Baidu and Alibaba have also announced that they are developing a competitor to ChatGPT.

According to the latest data provided by Statcounter, Opera has a share of 3.41% in the desktop browser market, which is the lowest among the major browsers. The first to third positions are held by Chrome, Edge and Safari respectively. So adding the company’s proprietary version of ChatGPT to its browsers could increase Opera’s share of the desktop web browser market, especially if it offers a better experience than its competitors.

Of course, it’s all a bit of speculation right now, as we don’t know exactly which of Kunlun Tech’s products will receive this AI program, but given the number of browsers that have already done so, it makes sense. It seems that the Opera browser will also be equipped with ChatGPT.

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