Operators’ acceptance of the fiber optic project has exceeded expectations

The Ministry of Communications, in response to the statements of the Vice President of Information Technology of the Iran Telecommunication Company, issued a response, expressing regret for the inappropriate language used in this conversation, and emphasized the Ministry of Communications’ plan to provide optical fiber to 20 million households (not individuals) by the end of the government. It is the 13th. In this statement, it is emphasized that even the criterion of household coverage is different from the criterion of household connection, and the reception of this project by the operators has exceeded the level of expectation.

The Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization has announced some points to clarify the issue of optical fiber development in its response to the interview of “Meysam Seyed Salehi”.

In this response, the plan of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, based on the above documents and the approval of the Communications Regulation Commission, is to create fiber optic access for 80% of the country’s population, equivalent to 20 million households, by the end of the 13th government, and the criterion of “household coverage” as stated in the approval number 1 Meeting No. 329 of the defined commission is completely different from the criterion of “family connection”. In fact, it seems that with the installation of each cafe, the households covered by this service up to a radius of 300 meters are counted as “household coverage”.

In the continuation of this answer, it is emphasized that the interlocutor did not have correct and accurate knowledge of the approvals of the Commission for the Regulation of Communication Regulations. Also, in another part of this answer, it is emphasized that simultaneously with the announcement of the plan of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology at the beginning of the 13th government to provide access to 20 million households to services based on the fiber optic network, there were many uncertainties in the media about its implementation. and despite the passing of a short period of time since the notification of the government board regarding the amount of facilities granted by the government for the development of the access network based on fiber optics, the acceptance of the license holders applying to use this facility is much higher than expected, so far 9 license holders have provided By submitting a request, communication services have signed a memorandum of understanding with the regulator to participate in this national project and use government facilities.

Development of optical fiber in the country

According to the regulator, 2 million households are currently covered by fiber optics. It has also been emphasized that the commitment to cover more than 3.5 million households has been communicated to the license holders applying for participation in this project, which despite all existing restrictions, including the imposition of cruel sanctions and the problems created for their sources of income, based on the announced plan of the license holders until 6 Necessary infrastructure will be established in notified cities next month.

At the end of its response, the regulator criticized the telecommunications company and emphasized that the only prominent license holder who has not yet taken part in this project is the Iran Telecommunication Company. It is expected that this company will soon join the group of licensees receiving permission to participate in this national project. In the end, the senior managers of Iran Telecommunication Company as a prominent company in the stock exchange are expected to provide a suitable platform for the growth and development of the company’s infrastructure by participating in national projects while employing expert managers and managing the media space of that company. As a result of increasing the value of its shares to support its shareholders and provide better services to the honorable people of Iran.

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